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Honda Civic Type-R

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The premiere of the new “charged” hatch Honda Civic Type R was to be held immediately after the civil version of the Civic 5D in 2013, however, the leading engineer of the project Hisayuki Yaga decided to delay the output of the model in the series, as long as all the nodes of the car will not be brought to perfection.
For nearly two years, the public interest periodically fueled by vague press releases, not damped discussions concept car Civic Type R Concept II and stuffing information on alleged technical developments trends. And so it happened! March 5, 2015 at the Geneva International Motor Show has been officially presented to Honda Civic Type R IV-th generation.
The car really was very sporty, aggressive and as close to the concept. However, fans and connoisseurs of the brand were slightly disappointed that the final version still had not seen the fantastic spoiler with integrated rear light, which gave similarity with the prototype supersonic class «Shuttle» spaceship.
As explained in the press center of the automobile corporation, regrettably, is the arrangement of the stern would be contrary to the laws of some countries.
And in place of the heart flaming engine
The real sensation was the mounted under the hood Type R 2016 petrol four-cylinder aspirated VTEC Turbo 2.0 from the original line Eart Dreams Technology engines, the return on which, with a maximum torque of 400 nm, is 310 hp, instead of the previously announced 290 hp!
This increase in capacity has allowed the Japanese Hot Hatch easy to overthrow a championship pedestal previous record holder Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy-R. Preproduction Taipei Riyadh became the swift hatchback with front-wheel drive, driving Nyurburgrinskuyu loop in 7 minutes 54.36 seconds, 3.73 seconds faster than the Frenchman did it charged.
EPER is clear what to spend two additional years team Hisayuki Yagi. The results achieved in the corporation Honda is very proud and say that if someone will challenge their superiority, at Civic Type R has the capacity and back-up power for what would improve your score in Nyurburgrine. competitors with powerful powerplants in the C-Class segment in Type R is more than enough. Here are the most “evil” of them:
Mersedes-Benz A45 AMG – 2.5L. 350l.s. 450nm.
Audi RS Sportback – 2.5L. 367l.s. 465Nm.
Ford Focus RS – 2.3l. 350l.s. 433Nm.
Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy R – 2.0l. 275l.s. 360Nm.
Seat Leon Cupra 280 – 2.0l. 280hp 350Nm.
To overcome such rivals not only on the engine alone does not go far. As a real brutal sport car Civic Taipei Air aggregated only mechanical short-stroke six-speed transmission, perfectly tuned to the engine.
This “sweet couple” in tandem gives crazy dynamics and unrivaled performance, thanks to which drayvovy Type R is ready to compete not only with classmates but also with senior colleagues from his stables, such as Honda Accord Type S, or even a super karom NSX. In addition, an updated “Lighter” has in its arsenal a special button marked with letter “the R +”, which is activated by clicking on a special racing mode in which the motor accelerates the reaction withdrawal, transmission, chassis and adapted the work of some auxiliary systems of the car.
Aggressive handsome
Bright, aggressive, athletic appearance emphasized Honda Civic Type R IV-th generation, to date, in its class, certainly the most spectacular. Retaining the style and brand image Civic 5D, Japanese designers managed to give a charged version of fresh, unique racing charisma.
New Taipei Civic Air, has a Y-shaped front panel, reminiscent of the open jaws of a predator flying in the cast, double radiator grille, stylish black bottom lip with red piping and integrated LED headlights of head light of complex geometry.
Between the lights, in the center of the radiator grille is placed Honda brand logo on a red background – the traditional insignia of all sports models of the Japanese brand. Impressive look high, voluminous wheel arches with air intake slots, designed for 20-inch wheels.
Sloping windshield, coupled with streamlined roof and the characteristic rounded back, wing razdёlёnnuyu impressive size, give the car a teardrop shape. Complete the sporty image of the four chrome exhaust vents.
Inside the rocket
The interior of “urban rider” is made in accordance with the modern trends of the sports car fashion. We use only high quality, texture and pleasant to the touch material. Throughout the interior decoration used red accents, emphasizing the sporty Civic Type R.
The instrument console hatch composed of two parts looks very original – in the lower part of it placed in wells standard equipment, while the upper part is a narrow board computer display, which displays additional information.
The center console is slightly Unfolded to the driver, equipped with a 12 inch display and multimedia system control unit air conditioner. Special mention deserves the ergonomic, multi-function sports steering wheel with small diameter truncated bottom.
For the driver and front rider, set deep bucket seats with a stunning rally lateral support. Rear passengers, relatively comfortable, can accommodate at a comfortable three seater sofa. For the two rear seats is sufficient in all directions, three of them in the cabin hatch is a bit cramped.
As in the civil modifications cargo bay hot Hatch of 377l., Which is consistent with the golf-class standards.
What? Where? When? And how many?
In the UK, before the orders on the hot Civic Honda authorized dealers are already taking. Over £ 3,000 potential happy owner of Honda Civic Type R IV-th generation is open to any resident of the United Kingdom.
Known and the starting price of lighters – 30,000 pounds, or about 48 000 US dollars. This is quite understandable and quite competitive price for the charged hatchback, at this level.
On European roads Type R will appear in the autumn of 2015.

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