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Supersonic woodpecker desantiruyut in combat zone. Falls right in the walking machine an alleged companion, surrounded ksenozhukami. The car explodes, killing the pilot and his associates, I am alone and not having to navigate dying. The end.
In the first hours of the game in co-op with strangers Helldivers – a psychological thriller. “Evangelion” about stellar commando with guilt complex. Why are all dead? What would have happened if I had not joined the party? Who was to blame, if I do not?
Over time it passes, because almost all such Helldivers. As Magicka, Arrowhead Studios first game, a luxurious simulator fiasco.
Managed democracy to the masses
Mission arranged for one simple scheme: to procedurally generated map marked targets (to protect, to take, to accompany, to activate), you together with colleagues trio landed in the chosen point and perform tasks in any order. Then move to the extraction point, going through a half minutes, load into the shuttle and watch the counting of awards. Are awarded experience points and new toys to improve the equipment.
But although the levels and objectives extremely sketchy, each of attacks develops its own dynamics. By default, you do not just make your way through hordes of strangers – any operation should try to spend quietly. You move from one marker to another, periodically tapping on the radar patrols and instantly eliminating those who stumbled on, until they have time to declare the alarm.
To some pores everything goes smoothly, but at one point something definitely breaks. You capture an avalanche. Having missed a patrol, you almost certainly will not see the second, then the third. Voltage is replaced by bloodlust, the opponents are more and more, and the secret commando operation turns into a hell of a mess, in which Marines harness and others, and their own. Actually, the thing for which all gathered here.
The game has three races of aliens very different levels. Beetles – a simple, blunt but powerful meat. Cyborgs pressed heavy weapons. Sly all enlightened some of them entwine district rays that kill with one touch. On their planets must move very carefully.
In Helldivers crazy balance: Arrowhead did not smooth out the pros and cons of equipment, and just pulled up to the limit of both. Almost all devastatingly powerful weapon – even an ordinary assault rifle more slaughter than it requires position and control heavy walking fur, like time on the AT-ST and dreadnoughts of Warhammer 40k, a joyously to chills. Helldivers immediately introduces an axiom: you infernal Marines, you are incredible pitch, you are democracy. Xenos for you – nothing.
But only as long as the seemingly endless ammunition fur suddenly run dry. Or unless you cut down the queue mate. Or accidentally drowned in the lake armored car with the entire team. Or, entangled in the calling code stratagems, not to fall into the arms of an invisible hunter enlightened.
In each mission, you can take four stratagems. Air strikes of various kinds, military vehicles, heavy weapons, ancillary equipment – by and large, that stratagem define your role in the team. They are quite a lot, and they all have their advantages and huge gaping flaws that overlap competent teamwork.
Helldivers knows no half measures – it makes a balance between omnipotence and absolute helplessness, giving enormous power, but always maintaining a sense of risk. One mistake, one indulgence – and you finish off in a split second.
And the philosophy of co-op play goes brilliantly. On the one hand, the other players – a deterrent: it is necessary to aim carefully so as not to get in their (as in Magicka), you need to constantly coordinate their actions. Sometimes it is easier to pass the mission alone, quickly eliminating or avoiding their patrols.
But the higher the difficulty of the mission, so it is more difficult – after all, no team will be in any way. But when you collect a decent four, Helldivers become a symphony. We load unit has no weaknesses. The game is in a good group of exhausting, but it brings a lot of fun.
By purchasing Helldivers for any of the Sony consoles, you get all the other versions. On the Vita, it played a little awkward (lack of impact hammers), but tolerable. It is a pity that Cross Buy – so rare feature; Same Destiny it clearly would not have prevented.
And then you go back to the base – sweaty, tired and happy. And you say that it is now available to more complex tasks. And you’re going to follow them. And your team again turns into the gang of clumsy as it was a dozen races ago.
I do not care about the common cause
Instead, the campaign story in Helldivers – inexhaustible stream of individual missions. Their implementation is directly linked to the local meta-game: clearing the planet, you fill in the total count for all players influence and gradually rid the galaxy from invaders online. But his personal contribution to the liberation of the galaxy, you will hardly feel – for some liberated planet given some crumbs, and really move the meter can influence only by joint efforts of hundreds of players.
However, read the daily reports on developments in the galaxy is entertaining – the world as if it really lives. This is a great find, albeit it is a rather important part of the entourage than significant driving force.
The bridge of the ship – here we roemsya in gear, read entries in the encyclopedia, choose the mission and monitor the progress of the galactic campaign.
And yet, the main thing – not the situation in the galaxy, and the attacks themselves, which in practice are surprisingly addictive. Helldivers have no end: even when someone will win the war, players will show all titles and start over again.
There can be infinitely improved in handling weapons and stratagems, although not all have the guts. Many people, seeing what was happening in a relatively difficult task, in horror settle on the fourth and fifth levels of complexity of the twelve and no longer gleaming. Local endgeym spares no one and can accommodate more than those who used to fight with a table of records in the hardcore “shmapah” or hit the sacred platinum trophies.
From the seventh to the eighth level of complexity, new types of opponents cease to appear. But changing their number, and the number and complexity of tasks. Very often, we simply indicate the radius in which you want to search. Often there are signal jammers, prohibiting the use of stratagems.
Ideologically Helldivers – Magicka is not, but rather, Resogun from cooperative shooters. Her charm is not in the story campaign, and in a violent and honed gameplay with stunning high yield development. Those who are not ready for this, just a good time in the local and online co-op.
Yes, many of the teams will not have a car of death and suicide machine. But at least cheerful suicide – because in Arrowhead still know how to make the defeat of the show.

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