Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament widescreen wallpapers

Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament

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Big tournament
When the whole world is in awe of the Lich King and his undead army, the Argent Crusade has called the heroes of Azeroth best to take part in a great tournament and show their strength and courage. Knights of all times and nations gathered in Northrend to do battle with horrible monsters in epic battles, and defeat them. And though the Lich King was defeated, Great tournament continues … and now it more fun than ever before!
And, indeed, why not continue the celebration? Let the future champions will rush to the tavern from all over the world, wanting to show everyone that they are much, and conquer all imaginable and unimaginable peaks – in the name of victory!
Who will be the main winner of big tournaments? What a question! Of course, you and your friends!
Above the banner!
Participation in the Grand Tournament is not just a friendly bout, merry chatter and the feast of the stomach. The 132 new cards will be added Hearthstone, each with its original mechanics and combat chivalrous enthusiasm. Put on the new deck, new Saddle tactics and rush into battle – strike opponents right and left!
New Ability: Empower
Being with the keyword “enthusiasm” have special abilities that can be activated by using the power of the hero. Encourage them and send to the attack, or play them from your hand at the right time and get the desired benefits. Can you inspire the ogre? Without fail! To this end, a sleight of hand is required (or a slice of ham)!
Knights of all stripes
Encourage new colleagues under the banners: dragons, pirates*, ogres and even dressed in armor riding a Murloc true racers. All applicants have successfully passed the knighthood, before we agreed to include them in addition.
* Yes, you can be both a knight and a pirate, if you will hand over the exam for knighthood. No, I will not be written off.

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