Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft widescreen wallpapers

Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

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Welcome to the tavern
To begin Let us examine what a game Hearthstone. In fact, this is a classic CCG (collectible card game), moved to the online and based on the universe of Warcraft. If you are familiar with the Magic: The Gathering or any other offline representative of TCG, you will understand quickly in the Hearthstone. Of course, of Blizzard has once again tried to simplify the mechanics, to reach the widest possible audience of gamers, but in this case it is rather a plus than a minus. First Hearthstone draws you into their network is this apparent simplicity of the gameplay in the spirit of “I’ll play a minute a couple of games, I have 20 minutes before going to bed.” Wake up after an hour, and then in the best case. In the worst case would be that to dosobrat deck, lacking only a couple of cards, and that they crafted, we just need some 100 units of the dust, and you are bёtes the Arena to get the booster itself. But I’m already anticipating vperёed, let’s order.
As in any CCT, the goal is quite simple – to destroy the opponent by converting its original 30 lives to zero. To do this you need to collect a deck of cards of creatures and spells. The battle takes place on a beautifully decorated battlefield where each player puts the creatures to his rival could destroy their wards or magic. Creatures can attack both each other and the hero. Each card costs a certain amount of mana and mana crystals measured. At the beginning of each turn, you get a new crystal – and so long as they do not become ten – this is the maximum. Opponents begin the game with three cards in his hand, with the one who goes second receives a bonus additional card and crystal, which gives one mana, but only until end of turn. Maps are divided into two types: basic, which are given to you for free as you progress through the training and expertise that you can get from a booster – special sets of cards. Booster can be purchased both in-game Tug, and for real money. There is another method of its production, but more on that later. In addition, the expert all cards are divided into four types according to their rarity and crystals of different colors are designated. Gray Crystal – the usual, blue – rare, purple – the epic and orange – legendary. In the picture a few cards given, with explanations of basic notation.
Also, there are neutral cards, which can be used by any character, and belong only to a particular class. Actually, about the classes and talk.

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