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Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain

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It is home to dragons
What is “adventure”?
The Hearthstone adventures you fight against computer-controlled opponents. Each of them has its own powerful abilities and special cards. Overcome them – the cards will be yours. Adventure Hearthstone paid to shop for in-game gold or real money.
In the belly of Blackrock restless. Deep in the blazing clefts Molten Core Ragnaros gathers an army of elementals to attack the lair of the black dragon Nefarian on a mountaintop. Tension is growing and is about to reach a critical point. It’s time to get the card and to show that the real heroes resolve disputes over fair game Hearthstone!
The adventure «Blackrock Mountain» you will find yourself in the middle of the hottest conflict in Azeroth. The feud between the fiery lord Ragnaros and mighty Lord of the black dragon Nefarian lasts for centuries. Nefarian considers himself lord of Blackrock. And he did not like that at his side, Russell Ragnaros and his servants-elementals. For both places on the mountain is not enough! Nefarian instructs you to go into battle with Firelord. But think carefully before agreeing. Perhaps the old serpent telling the truth – or maybe you’re just another pawn in his insidious game.
Walk five dungeon wings, fight with the powerful bosses and replenish its collection of unique cards. Following you are waiting for exciting class test, you can get even more new maps for the class. A Heroic mode will allow you to once and for all resolve the long-running dispute, and show everyone who is the true owner of the Black Mountain.
Prepare deck. Watch out for mana. Take care of health. And never, do you hear, never go to a deal with the dragon.
You must unlock all 9 characters.
You will enjoy the adventure!
The adventure «Blackrock Mountain» Hearthstone your skill to be subjected to such a severe test, with which you have not yet encountered.
New maps. Black Mountain is divided into 5 wings, in which live devilishly clever bosses. Each of them has a particular strength of the hero, and each has a unique new card. For the first victory over the boss you get two copies of the new cards to your collection.
Legendary cards. When you first kill all the bosses in the next wing, you get rewarded with a legendary card. For example, ill leader of the Blackrock orcs – Rend Blackhand.
Class tests. Apart from the usual bosses in «Blackrock Mountain» you will find 9 new class tests. They represent a battle with a certain boss in which you use a special pre-compiled deck to showcase their skills in the game for the selected class. As a reward for the victory you get two copies of the new card in its class.
New game board. BEAUTY utter!
Dragons. Of course, lots of dragons dwells on Black Mountain. You will enjoy a warm welcome with a variety of scaly and fire-breathing creatures that devour adventurers for breakfast.
The orcs, dwarves, Elementals, and other troubles. Besides dragons on both sides and fight other creatures: Dark Iron dwarves, fire elementals, the Blackrock orcs (who wore the name long before it became fashionable).
Heroic mode. If you like it hot (ha ha), when will pass all the wings, try to go through them again in the heroic mode. This super complex game mode, especially for those who are eager to fight in a battle with blatantly dishonest outrageous strong opponent. You’ll need the best deck … and decent patience.

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