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Half-Life 2

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The plot Half-Life 2 takes place about twenty years after the end of the Half-Life story complete.
Gordon Freeman at the beginning sees G-Man’a, who says that the hero waiting for great things. After the speech, a mysterious man, Freeman wakes up on a train that arrived in the city City 17.
The game has podolzhenie. As it happens, you can learn the story of Half-Life 2 Episode One.
After a short stay in the city, it is clear that the entire planet under the control of the newcomers, led by a man named Wallace Breen. As later learned, he was administrator of the research complex Black Mesa.
But Brin is a pawn in the hands of a powerful alien race – the Alliance. After beating the ground struck Nihilanth portal storms that brought the Alliance Board of forces on the ground. Then they attacked and captured seven hours the entire planet, because of what the war was called – “seven-hour war”.
The war ended with the Breen made resistance remnants lay down their arms and stop fighting with the Alliance, they came ostensibly to help people.
Alliance controlled the entire planet except for a few pockets of resistance. Rebels gather data about the Alliance and gather strength to resist the alien invaders.
Gordon Freeman joins the rebels to fight the tyranny of the Alliance. Along the way he meets Barney Calhoun surviving guard from Black Mesa. Barney works for the Civil Defence Force to cover the resistance forces. It helps the protagonist to escape from the interrogation room in which Gordon brought clearly to the cultural talk.
Continuing his way, Gordon meets Alyx Vance, daughter of Eli Vance surviving scientist from Black Mesa. Alix leads to Gordon in a secret lab of Dr. Kleiner, who also was able to get out of Black Mesa.
At Kleiner in the laboratory is a teleporter, on which he had just finished his job. Deciding to check whether the teleport, Kleiner teleport Alyx to Black Mesa East – this is another secret laboratory rebels.
After a successful teleport, Kleiner and Eli decide to teleport and Gordon. But during the teleportation fails and the hero begins to teleport to various places. But soon the power is turned off the teleporter and Gordon, appeared in the street flee from persecution by the forces.
Breen after he saw and learned of Gordon Freeman, who teleported to his office for a few seconds, immediately informed the supreme forces of the Alliance. Main character announced on the wanted list and assign it the status of “Violator number one.”
Freeman was able to leave the City 17, but the forces of the Alliance decided not so easy to let go of the hero and send him almost all the powers of the City 17. Freeman went to Black Mesa East.
Breaking through the enemy forces, the main character still reaches the Black Mesa East, along the way discovers that the remaining forces of the alien world Xen have joined the people after the destruction Nihilanth and is now helping people fend off the forces of the Alliance.
The Black Mesa East meets Gordon and Eli Vance, who was very happy to see him. Also met with Dr. Judith Mossman. Later he learned that she also worked in the Black Mesa. As Eli says that it is also applied for a place in the test chamber Freeman Black Mesa, but Gordon walked her balls thanks to his experience and chose him.
Soon there and Alix, she teaches Gordon handle gravity gun. But suddenly the base attacked by the forces of the Alliance and the main character has to run again. Alix sends it to an abandoned town, which was inhabited by refugees from the City 17. But the city was black spot.
Breaking through the crowd of zombies, Gordon choose from and there is a small post of resistance. Rebels helped contact Alix, and the protagonist learns that the Alliance captured Eli Vance and Judith Mossman. After the main character starts a new adventure. Gordon has to be sent at the request of Alix in Nova Prospekt along the sandy beach, which is teeming with ant lions.
After fierce fighting with the forces of the Alliance and ant lions Gordon Freeman arrives at Nova Prospekt. It meets Alix, where they learn together, Judith Mossman is a traitor and worked all the time in the Alliance. But they need to get Judith, you can not kill.
After Eli was taken to teleport Judith chooses the time and teleports to Citadel City 17. But Alyx and Gordon are not going to give up and to re-charge the teleport, simultaneously fighting off enemy forces. Like teleport been charged they teleported to City 17 to Dr. Kleiner. However, teleportation is not smooth, and Alyx and Gordon come into place in a week.
During teleportation teleport exploded in Nova Prospekt, and the explosion was the signal for the “World insurrection.” After the rebels know that Gordon Freeman is alive, and that he came back, the fighting spirit of resistance has risen strongly.
Breaking through the Alliance forces to the Citadel, Alyx is captured by the enemy. Gordon with other insurgents continue to break into the city center. Along the way he meets an old friend Barney. He also leads the rebels to the Citadel to make Eli and Alyx.
Soon rebel forces were able to break through the walls of the Citadel, and Barney Gordon sends to the citadel, and he remains on the streets to help the rebel forces.
The Citadel Gordon enters the field of confiscation and he disappears all weapons except gravity gun, which caused backlash field confiscation. As a result of the reactor charge from the Citadel and became a deadly weapon in the hands of Freeman.
The main character breaks into the top of the citadel, and also captured. But suddenly it turns out that Judith Mossman is not a traitor. She alone made its way into the confidence of the Alliance and as a sign of their loyalty to the scene acted out betrayal. But Breen was able to escape yet freed by Judith Gordon, Alyx, and Eli.
Judith Mossman immediately sends Alyx and Gordon for Brin, to keep him from teleporting into a world where the main base of the Alliance. And she helps Eli to escape from the Citadel to the secret Rebel base called “White Grove”.
Meanwhile, Gordon and Alyx continued pursuit of Brin. Along the way are the gravity gun, which at first took with him during his escape Bryn. Yet Freeman was able to destroy the main teleport, which was in the Citadel and gave teleport Brin. Once there was an explosion, and the Citadel explodes, but suddenly stops time. Before the main character once again G-Man appears and says that Freeman did a lot in a short time and again sending the hero in stasis. After the words G-Man’a plot Half-Life 2 is interrupted.

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