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Guilty Gear: Sol Badguy

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Appeared in: Guilty Gear
Seiya: Daisuke Isivatari, Hikaru Hanada (GGXX story)
Origin: United States
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 74 kg
The main character of Guilty Gear series. First appearance, he was a hired killer who does not care for human life and fight the strange rectangular sword called Fireseal. However, his brash exterior conceals a genius and great emotional depth. He devoted his life to the destruction of Gears (Gear), the race of magical bioweapons that plunged the world into a hundred-year war, called the Cross. He also tries to destroy their creator, a man known only as “The Man.” Sol – is also a fan of Queen, and his worst enemy – Ky Kiske
A precise description of his life is not, however, well aware that the real name Saul – Frederick (Frederick), and before the war he was personally acquainted with Justice and the man. Frederick was not only a leading scientist in the project for the creation of mechanisms (Gears), but also the first undergone a magical transformation, becoming the prototype of the whole technology. Because of this, do not act on Saul orders Mechanisms command type. In the course of the project Sol made for myself a device that allows to suppress instincts mechanism and not to lose his mind – though at the cost of suppression with the instincts of much of its force.
The device looks like a wide steel headband with «Rock You» inscription. Among other things, it conceals the glowing red stigma, which would inevitably have issued a fact of transformation into a living weapon.
Under the name of Frederick Sol he created “Outrage” (literally “lawlessness”) – a weapon to fight with a mechanism that increases the magical ability of the owner.
“Outrage” was set up in eight parts, each of which is called “the sacred instrument” or Jinki (Jap. 神器)). By the “Holy guns” belong swords Sola Kiske and Kai, and fans Antzitene Mito. In addition to these three, even it is not clear whether the “sacred cannon” weapons in the conventional sense of the word.
At the beginning of the war Frederick rescued Cliff Andersna, much later became the commander of the Sacred Order. After about five decades, the Order entered one Bedgay Saul, who participated in the war, and, ironically, has become one of the best soldiers in the human side. At this time, he acquired the nickname “vicious fire» (Corrupted Flame, Immoral Flame, Haitoku no Honoo (Jap 背 徳 の 炎).), Who called it Justice, and – later – I-Ho. Over time, Saul was disappointed in the way of the Holy Order and left, taking with him the Sword of Fire Seal, which members of the Order honored at a great value. Stealing the sword was the cause of hostility to Saul Kiske Kai.
In 2175 Sol Justice fought and lost the battle. Justice to find that it is a mechanism, tried to use his power, but it had no effect commanded force. Taking advantage of the confusion Justice, under the guidance of the Holy Order of the Kai Kiske, he has managed to include it in the interdimensional prison, ending the war.
Saul of the Holy Order (Holy Order Sol)
Appears in: Guilty Gear XX Slash and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
An alternate version of the character, showing how Saul looked during the war, being a member of the Holy Order, and how he fought with no firm rectangular Sword of Fire Seal. This version shows the conversion of Saul and for a short time in its current form Gere, including tail and wings like a demon.
Name «Badguy» – a reference to the solo album Freddie Mercury «Mr. Bad Guy ». Real name Sola – Frederick, another reference to Freddie Mercury. His attack «Napalm Death» is named after the British grindkor group. Theme song Sola, Keep Yourself Alive, named after the eponymous Queen songs. His band includes the word «Rock You», that is a reference to the song «We Will Rock You» Queen. According to the management of the game, a hobby Sola – “listen to Queen» and his favorite thing – the album «Sheer Heart Attack». In addition, the way he holds his sword with lock, much like the way in which Freddie Mercury held the microphone in the video «Princes of the Universe», which also starred Christopher Lambert.

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