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Guilty Gear: Slayer

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Slayer (Jap. ス レ イ ヤ ー)
Guilty Gear XX #Reload – Biography characters
Appeared in: Guilty Gear
Seiya: Iemasa Kayumi
Origin: Romania
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 70 kg
The ancient vampire had survived many generations; sunlight on it, unlike most vampire no effect. Aristocrat to the bone, three-line poems Slayer loves haiku, and spends a lot of time in the society of his wife, Sharon, is also immortal. Among other things, the old vampire knew many of the powers of the universe Guilty Gear, in particular, with President Gabriel, and well aware of all the more or less significant political events and organizations.
Together with the loss of Zato Assassins’ Guild has lost his rod, leading to attempts to return the Slayer. Even without being more interested in the Guild, he felt he had to settle the case of the organization which he created, and again descended to earth to do away with all the chores.
Slayer’u many years (there is speculation that he has already celebrated the millennial anniversary), once he founded the Guild of Assassins. However, now the organization seems to have ceased to be of interest for him. Now Slayer interested in ordinary people and their lives, and it would just go and see how the world has changed during his absence. We can not say that he was pleased with the recent changes, rather the contrary. Perhaps he even wants to put an end once established Guild if it starts to be a threat to him. Happily married, his wife, by Sharon, has an immortal body that allows him so relaxed drink her blood before each fight.
Archives Bureau postwar (Shuusen Kanrikyoku)
Case # 3309
Name: Slayer
The main characteristic of the object is that it can not be attributed to any of the currently known categories of living beings. Not being a man, he does not possess the characteristics and Gear at the same time. Having a set of genes, quite different from the human, it is precisely Ishu (the Other). How much Ishu lives in the world, and exactly how they are different from people who are absolutely unknown. Anyone who calls himself Slayer’om, is the founder of the Guild of Assassins, and thus kept few records relating to him. We can only speculate how the type and amount of energy it has, the method by which it could be monitored, as well known. Therefore, we assign the project Risk Rating S +.

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