Guilty Gear: Raven HD pics

Guilty Gear: Raven

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Raven One of the subordinates That Man, which is a “parallel personality” Axel Lowe. About him we know only that he was born in Germany, probably in the 12th century and was involved in the crusade to Jerusalem, where for the first time and “died”. He was born with a natural biological mutation that gives him immortality and monstrous regeneration why Saul calls it “Undying Disease” ( “neubivaemaya contagion”) One of boredom got it into his head a metal stake that sticks out in his mind to this day. Faithful “Ano Otoko” unconditionally and wants to see how he is “making history.” Playable only in Guilty Gear 2: Overture and Guilty Gear: Xrd – REVELATOR.

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