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Guilty Gear: Potemkin

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Appeared in: Guilty Gear X
Seiya: Takashi Kondoa
Blood Group: I
Height: 254 cm
Weight: 656 kg
Eye color: White
Date of Birth: October 18
Place of birth: flying continent Zepp
Hobbies: draw
Likes: sets are not breaking the imperial pencils
Dislikes: pencils, unable to make a 4-ton pressure
Former soldier-slave Sepp state located on a volatile continent and who had previously militaristic military operation. As a slave, Potemkin wore large metal collar that would have exploded if the servant tried to remove it or to escape. After the overthrow of the military dictatorship in the country and the establishment of democracy all slaves freed, and their collars were turned off, but Potemkin his left collar and continues to be – at the memory.
Potemkin – a former slave soldiers Zepp’a, militaristic nation occupied by the development of a society based on science and technology. Under threat of death, the other slaves, he was forced to participate in the first tournament. During the Tournament Potemkin I learned that the coup began. The coup was successful and eventually Zepp was released from the dictatorship of its rulers. President of Gabriel, the former head of Potemkin’a, commissioned him a secret mission: to protect Gear by bounty hunters and bring it back to Zepp intact. Although Potemkin is unable to recognize the true purpose of his job, he decides to trust his former master, and take up his execution.
Fiercely proud and pure of heart. Under his huge, oppressive weight hides a warm and gentle soul, love every grain of sand in the world. Justice is the basis of his convictions, and he can not bear to look upon the suffering of others – even while he himself will be much worse. Always ready to cope with any adversity in its path, but never enter into battle for the sake of pleasure to hurt others.
Archives Bureau postwar (Shuusen Kanrikyoku)
Case # 9989
Name: Potemkin
As a former head of the Empire slaves Zepp object first appeared at the Second Combat Tournament Holy Order. Upon returning home, he arranged a revolt than contributed to the establishment of the current Scientific Zepp’e States. With a huge body and methods of struggle Zepp’a, it certainly seems to be able to cause a storm and turn off the mountains, and his fighting force can only be compared only with the power of an entire military division. Considering the situation on the one hand, the object is Zepp’a soldier, and his total loyalty to the state can be mild support for the control. On the other hand, it would be wise to keep cautious with regard to its relations with the current President Zepp’a, his mentor and leader Gabriel’em. With this in mind, we attribute object B. Risk Rating
In Slave’s Glory (GG OST tr7 – 3:10)
Burly Heart (GGX OST d1 tr8 – 3:28 GGXX OST d1 tr8 -. 3:13)
Megatona Furioso (GGXX # R KOR OST d1 tr8 – 3:04)
Riches In Me (GGI OST tr5 – 3:15)

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