Guilty Gear: Millia Rage widescreen wallpapers

Guilty Gear: Millia Rage

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Millia Rage (Jap. ミ リ ア = レ イ ジ)
Guilty Gear XX #Reload – Biography personazhey0 0
Appeared in: Guilty Gear
Seiyuu: Yuko Sumitomo
Origin: Russia
Blood group: III (B)
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Milia Rage uses her hair, which can change its shape, as a weapon.
Millia – Russian origin, was orphaned as Venom, at an early age and, as he was selected Syndicate Assassins. As a result, the forbidden magic ritual, similar to the one which took the But-1 to obtain power over shadow, long hair Millia acquired the ability to change the shape desired by the hostess, turning into a very unusual weapon. Once the other hand, rose to the head of the Syndicate, Millia betrayed his former “friend”, which as a result concluded in the interdimensional prison. Then the owner of long hair, finding that life assassins not to her liking, left the Syndicate, the first opportunity. But-1, furious betrayal Mill and to hate all women, without exception, after some time managed to escape from prison. Learning of this, Millie realized that only the death of the other hand, will allow her to feel free, and began to persecute the former leader of the Syndicate.
Millia is named Meilah Rage group. Her attack Iron Savior, Emerald Rain, Silent Force, Winger, and Iron Maiden are also named after the group. Bad Moon Attack is named for the song «Bad Moon Rising» group Creedence Clearwater Revival. In its history, it uses six forbidden magic «Angra» to control his hair, and she has the same name as the Brazilian group Angra.

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