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Guilty Gear: May

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May (Jap. メ イ)
Guilty Gear XX #Reload – Biography personazhey0 0
Appeared in: Guilty Gear
Seiya: Satomi Korogi
Origin: Japan
Blood group: III (B)
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Mae portrayed in the games as a girl in an orange coat and a big orange boots. She wears a pirate hat and fight massive ship’s anchor, which is able to swing without any difficulty. Mei always cheerful, resolute, brave, cheerful and very in love with Johnny (Johnny), air pirate captain “Jellyfish» (Jellyfish Air Pirates).
At first glance looks harmless Mae, so it is easy to underestimate the possibilities. However, many of its techniques and combos inflict significant damage. Another advantage of May – a small growth. Over undersized characters, such as May and bikes, some attacks high characters pass without causing any harm. The disadvantages include the need Mei approached very close to the opponent to use against him any powerful attack.
«Unidentified Child» (Unknown child) – Guilty Gear.
«Blue Water, Blue Sky» (blue water, blue sky) – Guilty Gear X and Guilty Gear XX.
«Get Out of My Way» (off the road) – the Korean release of Guilty Gear XX # Reload.
«Exceptional Routine Work» – Guilty Gear Isuka.
Mei was named in honor of Brian May (Brian May), guitarist of Queen.
During the Hundred Years War with mankind Gears (Gears), magically altered creatures, Mei lost her parents. Orphaned girl picked up Johnny, captain of the hijackers, and took her to his ship. During the years spent on a pirate ship, the grown Mei fell in love with Johnny, for example, Robin Hood to plunder the rich and help the poor.
According to the official biography, Mei – Japanese origin. In Japan it was destroyed during the war. The few surviving inhabitants was no country gathered in special colonies, which were not allowed to leave. For the safety of its origin Mae kept a secret from her.
On a plot of Guilty Gear pirate Captain Johnny caught in the act and sentenced to a long prison term. Mei decides to take part in the second event, designed to identify the strongest fighters for the battle Mechanisms, as the winner of the tournament is guaranteed the performance of any desire. Mei intends to release Johnny’s wish. After defeating Justice, matriarch Mechanisms, May reunites with Johnny, who got out of prison, her charm fascinated guard (Mei does not know it: Johnny tells her that broke through all cordons on their own).
The storyline of this game in May is not considered canonical. According to the canon of games, the former commander of Mechanisms killed Saul Bedgay.
On a plot of Guilty Gear X to Mae heard rumors about a new mechanism of command type (command-type Gear), how was murdered Justice, and the great reward for the destruction of the newly emerging threat. Mei decides to get a reward and buy Johnny’s birthday. The new mechanism is Dizzy, not wanting to hurt anyone. In one of the endings Mae offers Dizzy join the hijackers. In the other – meets Antzitene Mito, wandering the Japanese, who have discovered the secret of its origin Mae, Johnny did not intervene.
In Guilty Gear XX Mei looking Dizzy, which boldly with air attacks and the deck-No. In this game Mei three endings. At first it takes Potemkin, the official representative of the Sepp State for Dizzy detractors and fought with him. In the second – Bridget tells the young bounty hunter, that the reward for the head will not be able to get dizzy as his long-abolished. In the third end Mei learns about his origins from Antzitene and asks Johnny to tell her about her past.

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