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Guilty Gear: Ky Kiske

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Ky Kiske (Jap. カ イ = キ ス ク)
Guilty Gear XX #Reload – Biography characters
Appeared in: Guilty Gear
Seiya: Takeshi biting
Origin: France
Blood group: IV (AB)
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Kai has a well-developed storyline, including not only the events covered in the games, but also the background of the entire series.
Ky Kiske is portrayed in the games as a tall young man with a straw-yellow hair. The predominant color in his clothes – white and blue. He is dressed in a white cloak with a collar and blue trim, decorated with multiple rivets from the yellow metal. Kai wears white pants tucked into boots blue with white and blue fingerless gloves. On his belt big buckle with “Hope” (English “Hope”.) Inscription (Also Kai, buckle with engraved inscriptions are worn on the belt of two other characters: Sol Bedgay, which on the buckle says “the Free” (English “free”. ) and the Robo-Ky – «Ennui» ( «Boredom ‘, an English word, borrowed from the French language)). Kai is armed with the Sword of Thunder Seal (Fuuraiken (Jap 封 雷 剣 Fu:. Rayken), the English version of the game Thunderseal) and has the unique ability to use combat magic lightning, is the most difficult to master.
According to the official description, Kai – talented fighter, firmly believes in the ideals of goodness and justice. It puts law and order above all else, and no doubt is whether to start an investigation of the powers that be, if he feels that they are breaking the law. Kai – a compassionate man and a deeply religious Christian, but it also has disadvantages. He sees the world in black and white, people’s actions for him or clearly good or clearly bad. Nevertheless, he is working on correcting their maximalist outlook.
Kai – a good character for beginners in the game: all his vital parameters are given to mean values, the purpose of most attacks is obvious, and because of the length of the sword, and lightning that can fly through the arena, it is well controlled battlefield. Lightning that Kai throws at the enemy (attack, respectively, Stun Edge – weaker and Charged Stun Edge – powerful), are the most useful techniques of this character. Small and fast lightning forced the opponent to keep their distance in time to respond to them. A more powerful version of the reception, you can create unfavorable conditions rising from the ground to the enemy, and use a large zipper as a cover for the safe conduct of the bottom, or vice versa, the top attack – depending on how the opponent is blocking. The main advantages of Kai – the ability for a long time to keep the enemy in the block and the relative ease of studying the game for him. The disadvantages – lack of powerful combos that do not require a long preliminary preparation, and not too much damage from most of the techniques.
1) Ky Kiske is named in honor of two musicians Kai Hansen (Kai Hansen) and Michael Kiske (Michael Kiske), former members of the power metal band Helloween.
2) superb (overdrive) Kaya Ride the Lightning is a reference to one of the albums of Metallica.
3) The main musical theme of the character «Holy Orders (Be Just or be Dead)» comes from the band’s songs Iron Maiden «Be Quick or Be Dead».
4) Instant Kill Kaya under the name Rising Force – a reference to the self-titled album and song of the Swedish composer and guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen.
«Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)» – Guilty Gear, Guilty Gear X and Guilty Gear XX.
«Pillars of the Underworld» – Korean release of Guilty Gear XX # Reload.
«No Mercy» – Guilty Gear X, Kai against Saul.
«Noontide» – Guilty Gear XX, Kai against Saul.
«Revelations» – Guilty Gear XX # Reload, Kai against Saul.
«Faith Shall Save Thee» – Guilty Gear XX # Reload, Kai against Sola (Type EX).
«Keep The Flag Flying» – Guilty Gear XX Accent Core, Kai against Sola from the Holy Order (Holy-Order Sol).
«Sheep Will Sleep (, if you become fatigued)» – Guilty Gear XX Isuka
According to the story of games, Ky Kiske was orphaned at the age of ten, lost relatives in the war against humanity magically altered creatures called Gears (Gears). Five years later, he entered the Holy Order, a detachment of soldiers who fought with the mechanism. A year later the commander of the Cliff Andersn left his post, and his place was appointed sixteen Kai, have at its disposal one of the treasures of the Order – the Sword of Thunder Seal. Hopes for a young commander justified: he was a key figure in the war, and soon after his appointment to the Holy Order concluded interdimensional prison Justice, to command all military forces arrangements. With imprisonment Justice War, which lasted a hundred years (2074-2175), was completed, and the Holy Order was dissolved. Five years after the World Kai joined the International Police Forces (International Police Force, IPF), where he soon was promoted to captain.
In the story of this game, Kiske Kai learns of the tournament, the purpose of which is the selection of soldiers for the second Sacred Order. Rumors about a possible release of Justice and the strange conditions of this tournament make Kaya take part in it. Kai, led by a sense of justice, killing to escape from captivity Justice, but for the first time begins to doubt the correctness of their actions.
The storyline in this game Kaya is not considered canonical. According to the canon of games, the former commander of Mechanisms killed Saul Bedgay. (In the alternate reality Ky Kiske was killed by a mechanism in the battle for Rome Holy Order remained without a commander, and humanity soon lost the war, however, events intervened powerful I-But:.. By going back in time, she saved Kaya, thereby creating the current historical line by which develop Guilty Gear world events)
On a plot of Guilty Gear X, soon after the death of Justice begin to spread rumors about the appearance of a second mechanism of command type (command-type Gear). Kai, without being able to clearly follow his concept of justice, according to which the mechanisms of evil, goes in search of this creature. He is a young Dizzy, not wanting to hurt anyone. In one of the endings Kai finds Dizzy and passes it under the care of Johnny, the leader of the hijackers. In the second – is fighting Robo-Kai, a mechanical copy of itself. In the third end Kai manages to win the battle of his eternal enemy Bedgaya Sola, who honestly admits defeat.
In Guilty Gear XX Kai continues to work in the police and learns about the existence of a suspicious shadow organization with mysterious goals – the Bureau of the postwar. In this game Kaya three endings. In one of them he is negotiating with Johnny on cooperation in the investigation of the events associated with the Bureau. The second storyline is completed Kaya battle with an army of Robo-Kaew. In the third end Kai meets Bedgaya Sola, who advises him to stop trying to find out what people and organizations were behind the events of the Hundred Years War. Saul argues that such inquiries may again break the post-war world. Despite the advice Kai intends to continue its investigation.

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