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Guilty Gear: Jam Kuradoberi

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Jam Kuradoberi
Guilty Gear XX #Reload – Biography personazhey0 0
Appeared in: Guilty Gear X
Seiyuu: Minami Komori
Origin: China
Blood group: III (B)
Height: 163 cm
Weight: secret
Links to Jem Kuradoberi found in anime «Genshiken», created by the eponymous manga – in particular, one of the heroines anime cosplay Jam. One reason for this lies in the fact that «Genshiken», devoted to the life of the Japanese otaku, contains numerous references to other manga, anime and video games.
Another reason is that in the creation of this anime participated company Sega Sammy Holdings, and links to the game series Guilty Gear are not limited to cosplay a character: in the anime more than once shown gameplay Guilty Gear Isuka, including in the opening credits .
The official biography Jam Kuradoberi stated that it is a Chinese woman. This is confirmed by her speech: all the game Guilty Gear retain the original Japanese voice acting, even in localized versions, and you will notice that many of the phrases Jam in the game ending in the verb “aru” (Jap あ る.) (Or a verb with the particle – “aru ne” “aru yo”, “aru ka”). This is an image of a typical Chinese accent, speaking in Japanese.
Name Gem Kuradoberi is a reference to the Swedish pop group Cloudberry Jam, toured in Japan in the early 90-ies of XX century.

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