Guilty Gear: I-No widescreen wallpapers

Guilty Gear: I-No

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First appears in: Guilty Gear XX
I-No – very powerful woman, is able to travel back in time (unlike Axel Lowe – at their own request) and is responsible for the creation of a temporary loop that produced the universe Guilty Gear. Without I-No story would have gone the other way, including a very unpleasant event for humanity: the death in the war Kiske Kai, Johnny and Potemkin; the death of Justice and the transition of control over Giarami to Dizzy, who decided to take revenge for his mother; Giarov superiority in the war, their capture of its creator, the man and a possible win Giarov with the complete destruction of mankind. Thanks to I-No, all this did not happen. I joined to the man to help him in the realization of its ambitious, but still not exactly known plans for the coexistence of people and Giarov As she created a new history of the I-No. By “using” it understands a fighters bleeding between previous tournaments. Fights I-No electric guitar, stunning her opponents, and even from the creator of alternative history have pointed witch hat, able to spit notes.

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