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Guillaume Depardieu

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Guillaume Depardieu – French actor, known for the films “Pupils”, “The Count of Monte Cristo”, “Paul X” and other tapes. The son of Gerard Depardieu.
On April 7, 1971, in Paris, 23-year-old actor Gérard Depardieu, who later became a world movie star, and Elizabeth Guignot, was born the first-born, who was named Guillaume Jean Maxim Antoine. Parents divorced, but they could hardly have imagined how tragic the life of their beloved son would be, which would end in the 37th year of his life, on October 13, 2008.
Even as a teenager, Guillaume was a lot of trouble, addicted to drinking and drugs. Guillaume often got into criminal chronicles and got the status of a drug dealer, then a pimp. At the age of 17, he already had several police drives for trafficking in heroin. At the same time he was sentenced to three years and served half the sentence in the colony. Gerard Depardieu did not contribute to the release of his son, probably hoping that the prison will correct the prodigal child.
Coming to freedom in the 19th year of life, Guillaume confessed that he felt “an animal that had lost its human form.” However, fate gave him a chance to a new life. A cinematic, very similar to his famous father, Guillaume noticed the French director Alain Corneau and offered a rebel role in the film “All the Morning of the World” (1991), where his father Gerard Depardieu also starred. In fact, the father and son played the same hero – the gifted musician Marais, only at different ages. So, 20-year-old Guillaume debuted in the cinema. From this moment began his active acting career.
In 1995 Guillaume elated criticism for his main role in the film “Pupils” by Pierre Salvadori. For this work, Guillaume received the “César” award as the best young actor. Another brilliant hero – Edmont Dantes actor played in the television series “The Count of Monte Cristo” (1998). Following in 1999 Guillaume struck the discerning spectators with his play in the tape of the famous director Loz Karaks “Paul X”, where he starred along with Catherine Deneuve and wife of the director Ekaterina Golubeva. Depardieu, Jr. embodied the image of the careless rich man Pierre, who by chance meets another life and decides to explore the dark sides of life.
And although Guillaume became an accomplished actor, more than once confirmed his dramatic talent, he was never compared to his father, and this made him vulnerable to being Guillaume.
He often showered his father with public, impartial epithets.
In 1995, 24-year-old Guillaume on a motorcycle was in a terrible catastrophe. Despite the 17 operations that doctors performed on his leg, Guillaume failed to avoid amputation. The young man experienced pain and suffering, later he admitted that the most difficult thing for him was “to avoid suicide temptation.”
On December 30, 1999, Guillaume married actress Eliz Vantras. In 2000, they had a daughter, Louise. But after a couple of years he still left the family.
Guillaume learned to walk with a prosthesis, continued to play in the theater, and 12 years after the accident with brilliance returned to the cinema. Guillaume appeared in the film adaptation of the Balzac novel “The Duchess de Lange” – the film “Do not touch the ax” (2007). This picture as if again breathed life into an actor, he again began to act actively – there were such films with Guillaume as “France” (2007), “At War” (2008), “Versailles” (2008), “Undivided” (2009) .
But the misfortunes seemed to haunt Guillaume. On the set of the next film “Childhood of Icarus” (2009) Guillaume fell ill with fleeting pneumonia. A special flight brought him to France, but the 37-year-old actor died the next day after arriving home.
“In my life there were no happy days,” Guillaume wrote in his autobiography. “I am a sincere and honest person, ready to give my life for the sake of lofty goals.”

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