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Greyhound is currently the most widespread in the world of greyhound. According to one theory, it bred in the British Isles, although some dog experts believe that this dog is a direct descendant of the ancient Egyptian greyhounds. It is believed that greyhounds – the fastest dogs in the world. Initially, representatives of the breed used for hunting for hunting game. These dogs – masters in the sprint, equal in this case they do not. However, this does not mean that greyhounds are not able to overcome long distances and, therefore, with the time they were put in dog racing.
History of breed
It is believed that greyhanud – the oldest breed of dog. Proof of this are the images of animals in the tombs, found in ancient Egypt. Although on closer inspection the similarities in the two breeds not so much. Some dog breeders adhere to the version that the English greyhound is a descendant of the Arabian Sloughi brought to the British Isles in the 10th century.
In the Middle Ages can also be found mention of the greyhounds. They were the main companions in the hunt. Moreover, in one of the 11th century British law prohibited commoners to keep representatives of this dog breed. Owning greyhounds could free citizen, and, approaching close to the forest zone, he was not eligible.
greyhound greyhound
Around the 18th century, the Spanish Galga blood was added to the breed. At the same time hunting club was founded by Lord Oxford, where greyhounds could show themselves in the field. Oxford has done a lot for the development of the breed. For example, it was his efforts greyhound was tied to the Old English Bulldog. It had to be done to strengthen the bone and inject more vitality Borzoi.
On the origin of the name “greyhound” go controversy. Some believe that the word comes from the English “gray”, since this color originally predominated among the rocks. Another version of the more popular – the name was derived from crickhound, translated means dog kuznechek eventually transformed into a greyhound. The name is associated with high-speed qualities and appearance of the greyhound, which, in fact, it can be compared with the insects.
In Russia, the mention of British greyhounds can be found, dating back even to the 19th century. Originally used as a hunting breed. After 1917, the greyhounds were rare, and only after the restructuring of greyhounds have regained its former popularity.
The main characteristics of the breed:
Short smooth coat, a thin structure,
68-78 Height cm
Weight 25-35 kg
The average life expectancy of 12-15 years,
Color: black, white, fawn, brindle, blue, red.
Greyhound, like true Englishmen, incredibly graceful and proud. Their movements are quick, hurried gait. Due to the smooth-haired dog, the owners hardly encounter problems when molting animal begins. However, grooming greyhound is still required.
English Greyhound has a powerful and proportionate appearance. Her athletic build due to the fact that the dog originally used for hunting or other active party life. Accordingly, the future owner greyhound must be borne in mind that the representatives of this breed needs regular exercise to maintain good form.
Appearance Greyhound
Greyhound described as docile, picky dog with a soft, even temperament. The representatives of this breed is very developed hunting instincts, so they are happy to chase the small fast-moving objects. Greyhound helpful and friendly. They can live together in families with young children.
Dogs of this breed quickly become attached to their owners. For strangers are kept, but practically do not show suspicion. The dog indoors behave calmly, despite the size, they are practically invisible. However, walking greyhounds are very active, mobile and inquisitive. With his brothers-dogs of the breed peacefully coexist. With other animals, especially cats, can take up hunting instinct. In order to avoid this should bring up puppies from an early age.
Feeding and Care
Greyhound can live as well in the apartments and in country houses. The only, but very important condition – the dog should be able to get the necessary exercise it to the oncoming and walk up plenty. English Greyhounds slightly finicky and well tolerate bad weather, despite the fact that their hair quite short.
Dog claws must be trimmed short. Especially need this procedure for those greyhounds who participate in sports. Often, it is long claws are the reasons that lead to serious injury. If you do not keep track of the length of the claws of the puppies, then later he may properly form the clutches of the brush.
Greyhound’s teeth also require care. Over time, in the absence of cleaning, they formed plaque, which thickens and turns into tartar, get rid of that much harder. In pet stores you can find special toothpaste for dogs. If there is no access to them, the usual soda can be used.
English Greyhound is excellent to train due to their high intelligence. Special teams, which are used in hunting, such as “Ata!”, The dog remembers the very first time. It is not necessary to begin studies at a very early age. It is possible to wait until the Greyhound is accomplished 1-1.5 years, which will give greater effectiveness of training. It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of this breed, curiosity and restlessness of its representatives. To get the result of the training, you should use tact and gentleness. Greyhound will do only what interests him, so if he does not listen, then perhaps, just not interested in studies.
According to the British Nutrition greyhounds No specific recommendations. Food should be balanced and saturated with all the necessary elements needed dog. Adult Greyhound only one meal a day. It can be given as dry food, and self-catering. Initially, you should consult on this matter from a breeder who has taken the puppy.
Greyhounds are very sensitive to any medicines. Therefore, treatment for them to be assigned a correct and accurate. It is desirable that the dog was “his” vet, watching him from an early age. Choosing a puppy, it is advised to familiarize themselves with the medical card of his parents. The most dangerous diseases common to this breed – hygroma and hypothyroidism.
Greyhounds have a calm nature. Aggressive behavior towards other dogs or humans is practically impossible. They are very sensitive and have high intelligence. English greyhound will be a wonderful friend and a member of the family, and with due care and attention it will bring back a huge amount of love and loyalty to their owners.

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