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Gregory Peck

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Gregory Peck – American actor. “Oscar” Award Winner. The most famous was because of her roles in the films “The keys to the kingdom of heaven,” “Roman Holiday,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “Bewitched” and “Mackenna’s Gold.”
Born April 5, 1916 in the State of California in the family pharmacist. The boy’s parents separated when he was three years old, the boy’s upbringing mainly engaged grandmother. And when Gregory was twelve, he was sent to military school, where, despite the difficult conditions, he quickly mastered. However, instead of an army career Peck wanted to become a doctor. As a result, he entered the Medical Faculty of the University of California. At that time, Peck was moonlighting at various jobs to pay for his studies, and in his spare time playing in the student theater, but did not show in that absolutely no abilities. However, the director of the theater saw Gregory in talent and advised him not to throw classes in acting, and also gave him a letter of recommendation. With him, after graduation, Peg and went to New York to go to theater school Neyborhud Playhouse. Study was given to him hard, Gregory had a lot of rehearsals and hone each replica, only two years later, the teachers began to notice his talent. And soon, thanks to the success appeared, he was given a scholarship, because Peck first had to earn a lot of all sorts of ways. Already after a while Gregory began to play in a small provincial theater for the poor, where he perfected his skills.
In 1943, Gregory was able to get a role in the film “Days of Glory”, where he played a Russian partisan. At the same time during the war, the actor, unlike many of his colleagues, was not at the front because of problems with the spine, which were consequences of the injury. For the second part Peck gives him incredible success. In the drama “The keys to the kingdom of heaven,” he was entrusted with the lead role, and Gregory is so brilliantly coped with the task, which was nominated for “Oscar” award. In addition, the picture was also nominated in several categories and was popular with the audience, which added to the popularity of the actor.
From that moment began a dizzying career Peck. In the following years with his participation were such notable films as “Spellbound”, “Red-Nosed Reindeer,” “Duel in the Sun”, “Gentleman’s Agreement,” “The Paradine Case,” “vertical takeoff” for which Peck was nominated for three “Oscar “and won the award” Golden globe “. In 50-ies of the actor continued to shine on the screen, along with pictures of “Shooter”, “Captain Horatio”, “The Snows of Kilimanjaro,” “Roman Holiday” and “modelersha”. During this period, he broke up with his first wife, with whom he lived together for twelve years, the couple has three children left. The break occurred after the actor’s meeting with journalist Veronique Peck, whom he married after the divorce.
In the next decade Peck also did not stop all actively removed and in 1963 was finally awarded the coveted statuette “Oscar” and “Golden Globe” for his role in “To Kill a Mockingbird” drama. Less Gregory began to appear on the screens in the 70’s, but then his work has been marked by nominations “Golden Globe” for the drama “MacArthur” and “The Boys from Brazil.” And in the 80 years the actor has played only a few films that have passed almost unnoticed. At the same time producers increasingly began to offer Peck minor role, but the moment of fame came back in 1999, when for his performance in the miniseries “Moby Dick” actor was awarded the prize “Golden Globe”. Unfortunately, this role was the last for the legendary actor. It is worth noting that during his stellar career Gregory regularly played in a small theater in his native city, and in recent years he has performed in the USA with its own show. June 12, 2003 Gregory Peck died of a heart attack, at the time he was eighty-seven years old.

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