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American band Green Day was founded 1986, while its founders were in school. Her first name was Sweet Children. All the usual Green Day, the music changed after the arrival of the new participant.
Working with independent label Lookout!Records, helped in the beginning of his musical career to the first loyal fans, which greatly facilitated the ascent to the musical Olympus. On account of the GD is to make the style Punk-Rock to the masses. Along with bands such as: Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, The Offspring, Good Charlotte.
In 2011, Rolling Stone magazine, admitted GD is the best punk band in the history of music.
The first EP “1,000 Hours” was recorded in 1989. Then, one of the participants left high school to have more time to pay the band.
By 1990, recorded the second EP “Slappy Hours”
In 1992, in San Francisco, recorded a full-length album “Kerplunk!”. He became the main push, after which on their music drew the attention of major labels. After deliberation, the band chose the label Reprise Records. Already in 1994, was the album Dookie. Next to the song Longview was the captured video clip. He gets in the rotation of MTV, the track becomes a hit, attracting a huge number of fans from all over America to be creative punk bands.
In 1994, GD take a Grammy award.
By early 1995, Dookie album, only in the U.S., has sold 5 million copies, while sales in the world reached 12 million copies. However, this success was negatively perceived by other groups, as such actions are not consistent with the original ideology of punk.
In 1995, comes a fourth album called “Insomniac”. The musicians made it more aggressive and heavier, unlike the previous release of Dookie. In an interview, the musicians explained their move:
“We’re not going to be one of the groups who traded their individuality for money that offers modern music industry”. Many divergent opinions about this album. Its circulation amounted to only 2 million copies.
After a small tour in support of recent release, Green Day without thinking returned to the Studio to work on the next record. As a result, in 1997, the release of the CD “Nimrod”. It returned to the previous sound punk of format.
After playing some shows GD has brought its activity to a minimum. For a long time, participants prepared acoustic program to present it on the show, “Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit” 1999
The next album, Warning, was recorded together with the music producer, who has previously worked with them from the beginning. As a result of productive work, the release of the latest album took place in late 2000. The musicians changed their style from the usual Punk Rock, Power pop. Many of the fans turned away from the group, believing that it is their last album. Not saved “Warning”, even the lyrics, which was also radically changed.
In 2001 was released the compilation “International Superhits!”, which includes all issued singles and individual songs, not included in other published albums.
In 2002 he published another collection, consisting of unreleased songs recorded in the beginning.
In 2004 there was a loud release of the new album “American Idiot”. He again riveted the attention of the public. The musicians gave all the best on full, in the end, almost every track became an undisputed hit. As the ideology was taken ridiculing the policies of U.S. President George W. Bush. Immediately the song took the top of the charts, both in America and in other.
countries of the world. “American Idiot” was presented on 7 awards, nominations, Grammy, but it took only one “Best rock album”.
His support was organized by the world tour. In 2005 passed the biggest concert in the history of Green Day at the Milton Keynes stadium in London. The band played in front of an audience, the size of 130,000 people.
In the summer of 2009, the presentation of the next album “21st Century Breakdown”. The audience around the world, has been more than positive. Its circulation was nearly 2 million copies.

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