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Grant Gastin: Biography
Grant Gastin is a popular American theater and film actor who also managed to conquer the multi-million-strong army of fans with his voice. By and large, in the piggy bank of this actor – popular series, for which enthusiastic spectators are watching, never taking their eyes off. Gastine gets colorful and memorable characters: he played and a lover, and a superhero, and even a guy with unconventional sexual orientation.

Childhood and youth
Thomas Grant Gastin (full name of the actor) was born on January 14, 1990 in the city of Norfolk, which is in the southeastern state of Virginia. Grant grew up and was brought up with his brother Tyler and Gracie’s sister in an average and not close to the creative family.

His mother Tina Heni worked as a nurse at a pediatrician, while father Tom Gustin worked as a professor in college. It is known that Gastin showed love for creativity from early childhood, so Grant’s parents recorded their offspring in the Governor’s School of Arts.

Grant was fond of not only playing the musical instruments, but also acting: the young man liked to participate in improvised and theatrical productions. But it is worth saying that Gastin is talented in everything, he not only established himself on the big screens, but also conquered the world with his sonorous voice – Grant’s arsenal has popular songs.

After receiving a certificate of secondary education, the young man submitted documents to Elon University in North Carolina, where he studied in the music program.

It is noteworthy that, as a student, Grant Gastin made friends with another famous actor – Chris Wood. However, two years later the guy who wanted to establish himself sooner in life left the university and decided to try his luck on stage, for touring and studying are incompatible things. Thus, the young Grant became a member of the musical.

Grant Gastin, like most of the actors, began his creative biography on the expanses of cinematography with small serial roles. He made his debut in 2006, in the mystical series “Delusion”. The guy managed to flicker in one series, so hardly any of the viewers remembered the high (growth of Gastin – 185 cm), green-eyed brunette.

But the young man did not give up, so he wandered from casting to casting, trying to find his place under the Sun. Fortune smiled to the guy only five years later, when he was awarded the main role in the well-known TV series “Choir” (sometimes called “The Luzers”).

This series, broadcast in prime time by the television channel “Fox”, mixed in itself a musical, comedy and drama. The plot revolves around the participants of the school choir, its leader and the cheerleaders team coach, who is trying to abolish the vocal circle that has become a haven for losers and outsiders. However, the choir’s coach hopes that his team will acquire fame and will advance to the whole state.

Grant Gastin got one of the main roles – he tried on the image of Sebastian Smythe, the lead singer of the Nightingale choir. The character of Gastina is an open gay who gives attention to Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss). Few people know that this series, thanks to the professional actors’ game, was nominated for nineteen Emmy Awards.

In addition to Gustin, Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch, Jama Mace, Kevin McHale, Leah Michel and other movie stars also played in the multi-part film “Choir”.

Grant Gastin managed to be rehabilitated in the eyes of the fans, since in the other film works he played characters of predominantly heterosexual orientation. Further, the actor enlarged his filmography with the police procedure “C.S.I. The crime scene is Miami, which tells of fearless people in uniform, unraveling the intricate knots of crimes.

In 2012, Grant Gastin appeared in the thriller “Mother’s Nightmare”, where he played the main role. Also the young man managed to work on one set with famous actresses Jessica Loundes and Annabeth Gish. In this film, Grant reincarnated as the depressive guy Chris Stewart, who found a salvation from family problems in love Vanessa Redman.

Then the actor appeared in the teen drama “90210: The New Generation”, the spin-off series of the cult series “Beverly Hills, 90210”. The main roles were performed by Rob Estes, Laurie Locklin, Ryan Eggold, Dustin Milligan and other show business stars.

Then Grant Gastin caught luck at the tail, because he got the lead in the superhero series “Flash”. The plot, based on DC comics, tells of Barry Allen, who witnessed the murder of his mother. However, the police unjustly accused her husband and part-time father of Barry in this crime.

The protagonist of the series tries to open this case without the help of law enforcement officers, and at the time of the investigation runs into the particle accelerator Harrison Wells. When a miracle device explodes, a lightning strikes the protagonist, which grants him superpower – superhuman speed.

Now Barry lives a double life: during the day he works as a forensic expert in the police, and in the evening, under the pseudonym of Flash, he fights against criminals. The brilliant cast also includes Daniel Panabaker, Tom Kavanagh, Candice Patton, Teddy Sears and other actors. It is noteworthy that in 2015 Grant Gastin voiced the same character in the animated TV series “Vicksen”.

In 2014, the actor appeared in full meter. This time the attention of the audience was presented to the drama of director Kevin Asch “Merger”. The film tells about the spoiled generation of the Millennium, which is ruled by money, drugs and promiscuity. In the role of colleagues Gastin made Ben Rosenfield, Gregg Salkin, Nicola Peltz.

Personal life
The personal life of the actor is not shrouded in mischief of secrecy, for journalists know that if Gastin fights against villains on the screens, in real life he has to fight off the army of obsessive fans.

But, to the disappointment of the fans, Grant is a one-man, his heart is occupied by a girl named Andrea Toma. Young people live a measured life, with their pet, but whether he and his girl are planning a child – is not known for certain. Also, lovers travel, rest on the beach, go to restaurants and are addicted to football.

In addition, Gastin leads his official page in Instagram, goes to the gym and adores tattoos. His right hand is adorned with the phrase “Love is above all,” and on the left forearm is written “Gold.”

Among other things, there are rumors that the young man twisted the affair with his colleague in the production hall of Hannah Douglas. With this blonde guy met about five years, but in the end, their relationship has sunk into oblivion.

Grant Gastin now
Grant Gastin continues to work in the acting field. In 2016, the young man played in the serial film “Supergerl”, which tells about the cousin of all the familiar Superman.

The role of the girl, who has superpowers, was performed by Melissa Benoist. In the same year, Gastin re-added his track record to a fantastic series called “Legends of Tomorrow.”

According to media reports, in 2017 Grant can be seen in a drama with elements of the comedy “Crystal”, where the main roles will be performed by Rosario Dawson, Kathy Bates and star of the series “Shameless” William H. Macy

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