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The most talented comedian of Indian cinema
Indian actor and former politician, won numerous awards. Govinda made his film debut in 1986 and since then has starred in more than 120 bollywood movies. On 5 January 1994, he narrowly escaped death in a car accident. The car in which the actor went to the Studio, hit another car, and Govinda got hit in the head. Despite heavy bleeding, he did not cancel the shooting and returned to the Studio after visiting the doctor.
Govind Arun Ahuja (Govind Arun Ahuja) was born on 21 December 1963 in Virar, Maharashtra, India (Virar, Maharashtra, India). His father, Arun Ahuja (Arun Ahuja), was born in that part of India, which after partition was Pakistan (Pakistan), studied engineering, but unexpectedly became an actor – and a very popular actor in the 40-ies. Mother Govinda, a Muslim who converted to Hinduism and adopted the name Nirmala Devi (Nirmala Devi), he met on the set of the film, and in 1941 they married. The only film producer who became Ahuja, failed, and so the incident knocked him out of the rut that the brunt of child-rearing and ensure a large family fell on the shoulders of Nirmala, which was not only an actress but also an outstanding traditional singer. Govinda was the youngest of their six children, and his house, affectionately called Chi Chi (Chi Chi), the little finger.
In College, the future star of bollywood (Bollywood) studied the laws of trade, apparently, was in the hands of the profession for a rainy day, but after graduation, his father had offered Govinda to try your hand at the movie, as he himself once. About the same time the boy looked cult film ‘disco Dancer’ (Disco Dancer) and the dancing became his passion – he, incidentally, received a classical musical education. He trained hours and recorded their home performances on the videotapes. He was soon invited to star in commercials, and later in the movie. Well, that is the Director of the movie called ‘Tan-Badan’ was his uncle?
However, the debut of Govinda is considered to be another film ‘Ilzaam’, which translates as ‘the Prosecution’, which was released in February 1986. This heartbreaking love story of a poor boy and a wealthy heiress was a big box office success and was among the top five bollywood hits of 1986. After that role fell on Govinda as from a cornucopia, and he is incessantly, though with varying degrees of success, starred in the romantic comedies, action films and family dramas. In June 1999, he was the tenth in the list of the greatest stars of theatre and cinema ‘for the last thousand years’, which was compiled according to results of online voting site users ‘BBC News Online’. It is difficult to judge, as it was the case, but it seems the website just went the whole of India and immediately voted for your pet.
Govinda, who, by the way, over time, acquired a reputation as a talented comic actor, often works in the company of other stars of Indian cinema. He played in 17 films of his close friend, Director David Dhawan (David Dhawan) and regularly appeared in pair with the beautiful Neelam Kothari (Neelam Kothari). At the beginning of the new Millennium it some time had lost all he was, failed at the box office, but films like ‘Bhagam Bhag’ (2006), ‘Partner’ (2007) and ‘Life Partner’ (2010) was an undoubted commercial success.
In addition to her acting career, Govinda became a member of the country’s largest party, the Indian national Congress (Indian National Congress Party) and entered politics. In the 2004 elections he was a member of Parliament from North Mumbai constituency (Mumbai North), more precisely, a member of the Lok Sabha (Lok Sabha), the lower house of the Indian Parliament. During these years he has released quite a few movies, and most of them became a financial disaster, but in the political arena Govinda took up such problems as the development of the transport system, health and education. Alas, it seems that no one film with his participation was not criticism as political activity Govinda. He especially got it because it was completely inaccessible to people from your district, although they had to represent their interests. A case with a terrible flood in July 2005, when after heavy rains in Mumbai have killed 450 people. Govinda announced on television that the elimination of consequences of natural disasters, he received from the Prime Minister Sonia Gandhi (Sonia Gandhi) 150 million rupees, but then rebelled, even by his own party colleagues, saying that in fact, Mumbai has not received a single rupee. Apparently tired of constant criticism for inaction, in 2008, Govinda had left politics and returned to a career in bollywood, although he continues to sympathize with the Indian national Congress.
Govinda is the representative of this acting dynasty. Mother, father, uncle, brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces – almost all of them filmed, starred in a movie or produced a movie.
Govinda’s wife was the sister of the wife of his uncle on the maternal side, the same one that shot the actor in his first film, and here her life and she began to resemble Indian movies with their tangled family relationships. Govinda and Sunita (Sunita) married 11 Mar 1987, and four years kept his marriage a secret. They have two children, Narmada (Narmada) and Yashvardhan (Yashvardhan).

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