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The new project Gorillaz, thundered with his two cartoon clips and got them in the first place of all world charts – from the standard.
In recent years, musicians becoming boring just to do what you love – writing songs and perform them at concerts. Increasingly, they are trying their creativity to present outside the box.
Some see this as exclusively evil grin of show business – they say, without the beautiful legend is glorified. Others say that these musicians are just extraordinary flight of fancy and the desire to create not just music. Who is right, it is difficult to understand. But damn interesting!
The new project Gorillaz, thundered with his two cartoon clips and got them in the first place of all the world charts of this series. The idea of creation belongs to one cult producer Dan Nakamura, who went and invited Damon Albern (the leader of the group BLUR), Miho Hatori (from Sino-American team CIBO MATTO), kid Koala (DJ), Del ze Funky nicknamed Homosapien (rapper), Chris Franz and Tina Weymouth (TALKING HEADS) and Ibrahim Ferrer (Buena Vista Social Club).
By the way, the names of these people were declassified recently. And before that, according to the official version of the legend, members of this cyber-rap-pop-house-punk-hip-hop-reggae-jazz collective (the key word here – “cyber”) was vocalist and keyboard player, and at the same time a dreamer and a romantic 2D; bassist and a Satanist Murdoc; drummer and rapper Russell; guitarist and karate (ten years old!) named Noodle. Their images were created by artist Jami Hewlett Most of his time these creatures spend on the Internet, where virtual hosts concerts, conferences, presentations and interviews. If anyone now not understand, then clarify that Gorillaz is an animated, simply, a cartoon and a Studio only project.
The real part already gave one loud concert in Europe, which was attended by a crowd of newfound admirers. However, despite heart-rending appeals of the public, “Show me your face!”, the musicians never came out from behind the white screen onto which were projected images of your favorite “gorillas” comic book. And only occasionally of the musicians shone a searchlight – their shadows could be seen on the screen…
So, the four musicians managed at the turn of centuries to invent a completely new style in modern music. Crossed American and British culture, they got something that could be called British-American retro-country with elements of folk and all kinds of pastiches. Gorillaz is a completely new sound, manner of execution and filing.
Of course, not without a follow, and catch yourself thinking that IT’s something like: buck (Re Hash), Morphine (Double Bass) and even Primal Scream (M1 A1). But who said that’s bad? The first Gorillaz album of the same name, which was launched in late March last year in London, in the first place, should be considered as parody. A parody of everything that has happened in music over the last hundred years. In other words, its story told with a grin. Such albums appear once in ten years. No wonder the Gorillaz called “super group of the 21st century.”
Place of birth: Stoke-on-Trent
Age: 35 years
Hobbies: to offend 2D
The leader of the group Gorillaz. He is ugly, even horrible just, his face expresses otherworldly brutality and energy vampirism, eyes filled with a cruel prank, and the teeth resemble the teeth of a rusty trap.
Bassist self-taught, prefer everything in life to achieve. His great aim is rapidly changing. But his whole being expressing herself in music, which he is given, without remainder, completely departing into the depths of her, sometimes hardened, souls. Externally it is rough and vulgar, but inside Murdoch burns the eternal flame, able to heat the heart of any. Owns a desire to be first everywhere, no matter in what ways.
Place of birth: Crawley
Age: 23 years
Fate was cruel to 2D. In his youth, quietly hurt on keyboards, cute, skinny Stu-Pot he worked as a Junior employee in the Mall, selling elektroorgana. But his life changed dramatically when Murdock flew his car through a storefront window: So Stu-Pot had lost the first eye. After some time, he was catapulted straight through the windscreen of the car Murdoch (when you attempt to dramatically expand the car), while losing the other eye, and the memory completely, becoming a walking zombie with a cute appearance.
Stu-Pot has changed the name, becoming now 2-D (2 “dents”, ie 2 “hole”). The wizard of keyboard instruments, maniac tunes, virtuoso, wall graffiti, he’s maddening crowds of fans and his angelic voice, and his appearance, radiating kindness.
Place of birth: Osaka (Japan)
Age: 10 years
Loves: soft toys, pokemon, toys, yo-yo, my new hat-aural, rice and noodles.
One day the doors of the members of the band Gorillaz dropped the food container, which was lovely, small, unusual miracle is a mischievous, frisky Japanese girl, Asian Princess with a guitar in his hands.
Bringing children into a state of shock, she flew out of the box, the restless shouting and punctuating his speech kick-ass guitar party. And since it is at this point the band really missed a guitarist, a bustling establishment was very welcome.
This is too alive, lively, but a cold-blooded person constantly saying something in an incomprehensible for guys language and the English knew only the word “noodle”, which translated to English means “noodles”, which she devoured with great appetite, and in incredible quantities. Members of the group and called his guest – Noodle. And soon her unstoppable and unfathomable in music has captured the hearts of not only group members, but also charmed the audience.
Place of birth: new York (USA)
Age: 25 years
Likes: to eat
The great and terrible follower of percussion instruments, originally from new York and everything else, African-American, loves hip-hop. Music stimulated him, helped to go through life. Russell was in a group of talented street musicians, rappers and DJs, but happiness, as in any fairy tale, was short-lived: during a random shooting on the night street tragically died all friends of Russell, who miraculously survived. And the souls of the dead comrades moved in his young body. Since then, a ghostly veil of blue haze covered the large, sad his eyes, heart and soul crept into the fog and uncertainty, but they brought Russell the great talents of rappers, DJs, hip-hoppers, and drummers.
A chance meeting with Russell Mardakan became a milestone in rock history, as “gorillas” there was a third party. Russell, major, reliable, steady, like a wardrobe, is a defender, hope and support in the group. It’s calm, level-headed, highly educated, always polite and considerate young man, an exemplary musician, friend and comrade. He is the safe network, which withstands any tension in the group. Women wins its reliability, men – solidity, hardness and determination.

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