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Gorillas – the largest representatives of the great apes.
A resident of the African forest, the giant monkey.
At the beginning of last century, travelers told of terrible creatures, half-animal polulyudyah-. Popular stories were about the battle of people with these “terrible bloodthirsty killers.” In the wake of all these tales originated the famous story of King Kong.
Well, the tale a lie, so it hint or fear has big eyes, but a well-known Russian scientist biologist, writer Igor Akimushkin, told the world that at the beginning of the XX century was killed by hunters male gorilla, and so its growth was almost two and a half meters.
In general, the first mention of the African giants known since V century BC. Gannon, navigator of Carthage (Carthage right now is close to Tunisia, North Africa) during his travels along the West African coast, visited some of the gorillas ostrov.Upominanie
And already in 1847, a missionary from America, Thomas Savage brought from Africa skull and bones huge monkey, described and named it Gorilla.
Western gorillas.
The animals listed in the Red Book of the world in the category of CR (if you do not remember it, look here)
It is the smallest of the genus. Average growth of males – 160 cm. Weight – 150 kg. Wool lighter color it is reddish in color, with age falls on the back. These animals inhabit, as the name implies the western part of Africa.
They are divided into two groups: the western lowland gorilla and the western river gorilla (the number today – 280). Separates these groups from each other by about 300 km. Externally, they are as different from each other. Look at the photo gorilla.
Eastern gorillas.
The number of these primates slightly higher. IUCN Red List category assigned to them EN. Now there are about 700. They are divided in the same way as Western, into two groups: the plains and mountains. The distinguishing feature – -Black blue shiny coat and impressive size (185-190 cm and 220-250 kg in males..).
Description gorillas.
Males, the growth of which is usually 175 cm, weighing up to 250 kg. Females are much smaller (almost twice). Muscular massive apes are very strong. Gorilla -etaky colossus with protruding brow, intelligent, blizkoposazhennymi eyes – an impressive sight.
Scientists rarely able to see the gorillas in their natural habitat. It is best studied mountain gorillas living in the east of Congo. Mountain gorilla body is covered with long hair, it helps to endure the cold mountain nights. They eat leaves and juicy tropical fruit, which abound in these ancient forests. But they have very little. In the wild, according to the BBC channel, remain 400-500 individuals of this subspecies.
Below are impenetrable jungles of the Congo. It found its shelter lowland gorilla. They are very different from the mountain. Their fur is chestnut. And males are far more females are still on the back and silvery stripes.
Gorilla sleeping in the woods, the clearing out only during the day. And then the head of the family, the male weighing more than 200 kg. Displays on clearing his family. Harem it averages 4-5 females, and each has its own young. The male behaves correctly, it does not show his superiority. But capable of brutal aggression, if he feels the danger to your family. He – a flock defender.
The gorilla society only one member of the pack may be the manufacturer.
On the life of these animals, until recently, there was little that is known. Now they are studied well enough. In connection with these definitely need to mention the American zoologist Dian Fossey. This brave woman almost 18 years spent in the African forests, studying the behavior of these primates. He fought for the preservation of nature. She suffered from poachers, she was killed by order of hunters for profit.
It is interesting!
In the hands of a gorilla incredible strength and tusks length of five centimeters.
Male, leader of the pack, sensing danger, rushes to the foe, sometimes rushes a few kilometers, shaking everything in its path, but stops abruptly in the face of the enemy, it is on its hind legs and beats his chest, his whole appearance indicating serious.
Gorilla rushes on the enemy, but if he runs away in terror. In African tribes considered a disgrace this monkey bites. So the hunter – a coward: he was afraid of the beast, and began to run.
In France, a pair of spouses, the family owns the zoo, he settled at home for gorilla named DJ. Thirteen years, she lives with the couple’s daughter’s rights.
The most famous gorilla named Koko was born in San Francisco in 1971. She knows how to communicate with people in sign language. Talking monkey has mastered the language of American Sign Language, is the American language for the hearing impaired. Coco expresses its opinion, calls himself a good bird, though it is recognized that for fun knows how to swear: “You dirty bad toilet” on the Internet conference said the question of what she would like to get in podaok, “food and Smokki”. Smokki – coco favorite kitten, who, unfortunately, died.
This video brought together at one time nearly a million views in the first day. A resident of British zoo, gorilla twenty Ambam decided to walk on two legs. He is so like a man, that in the beginning even decided that the video dressed in ape joker. It turned out that Ambamu so convenient to look at the neighborhood. Now he gathers tourists from all over the world. Ironically, in connection with the video seen in the description of which was something like a den found Bigfoot.
The saddest thing is, today one can not say with certainty whether it is to keep this kind of primates can, kind of African giants, the genus Gorilla.

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