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One of the brightest comedy actresses of America was born April 21, 1945 in Washington, in a family of musician Edward Rutledge and Laura Shteynhoff, director of dance school. His name was in honor of the Goldie aunt. In the couple before the birth of Goldie she had a son who died in infancy. Mother Goldie, the girl barely two years old, began to teach her to dance. Ballet, tap dance, constant training – as each day passed Goldie. At the age of ten years, Goldie has danced in the company of Russian Ballet in Monte Carlo in the ballet “The Nutcracker”. At age 19, she was accustomed to attention and applause, was admitted to the School of Drama. However, before getting dramatic roles she sold herself as a dancer.
Debuted Hawn, like most aspiring actors, on the television show. It happened in 1967 in the television comedy “Good Morning, World”, where she played the role of Sandy Kramer. From 1968 to 1970, Goldie starred in the television show “Rowan and Martin.” In 1969, Goldie life abruptly changed due to filming in the film “Cactus Flower,” directed by Gene Saks. The main roles in the film performed by Walter Matthau and Ingrid Bergman. Debut brought Goldie Hawn (the role of Tony Simmons) “Oscar” in the category “Best Actress”. Goldie also received a prize of British kinoakademikov, a BAFTA Award for “Best Actress”.
In 1974, Goldie starred in the debut of Steven Spielberg’s film “The Sugarland Express”, playing a major role in Lou Jean Poplin. A year later, Goldie starred in the drama of Hal Ashby’s “Shampoo”, where she performed the role of Jill. After the release of “Shampoo” in Goldie rental was nominated for “Golden Globe” (Best Actress in a comedy / musical). In 1978, she starred in the box office hit Colin Higgins “dirty game” and was again nominated for the “Golden Globe” for his role as Gloria Mundi. In 1980, Goldie took part in the filming of the movie “Private Benjamin,” thanks to the work in which she was nominated for “Oscar” and “Golden Globe”. In 1983, the actress began dating actor Kurt Russell, whom she was a few years after the beginning of life together on a film set in the film “Overboard”. Total Goldie three worked together with Kurt Russell in 1968 in the film “A single genuine”, in 1984 in the film “Extra shift” and “Overboard”. As the wife of Kurt Russell at the age of 39 years, Goldie did not hesitate to shoot for the cover of Playboy magazine.
Despite the great popularity in the English-speaking world, spoke about “crazy blonde” the whole world after the painting “Death Becomes Her” by Robert Zemeckis, where partner Goldie made Meryl Streep. In the early 90s, the actress has stopped working, because for several years has been close to his hard-ill mother, who had died just at Goldie in her arms. Currently, the actress did not act in a movie, the last time she played in 2002 in the comedy “The Banger Sisters”. Kinoakterstva baton after the mother took the daughter of Goldie from her first marriage to Billy Hudson – Actress Kate Hudson. Altogether Goldie three children: Kate and Oliver from his first marriage and from marriage Wyatt Hawn and Kurt Russell.

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