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Egyptian kingdom is famous not only for its majestic pyramids. A long time ago it did not know the troubles, as always flourished and grew. In the days of ancient Egypt one of the most wise and prudent rulers was the god Osiris, who did so much for the good of the whole kingdom. But Osiris was the brother Seth (Butler) – envious and greedy god who preferred not to build, but to destroy it, turning everything around in a parched desert.
Seth has long dreamed to seize the throne. And after many years, he was able to do, as it meanly killed his own brother for the sake of their selfish goals. After that the whole country is completely plunged into darkness and chaos. Former world no longer exists, and the blood flows like water and betrayal. Heavenly god Horus (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) can not stand all this, because Seth killed his father and enslaved the population, and for that he will have his revenge. Moreover, the aid comes to God and the young guy. This young thief Beck (Thwaites), of course, did not particularly want to interfere in the affairs of the gods, but he just had to do it, because all the forces he wanted to revive his beloved, and the overthrow of Seth, which has brought so much grief to people
Beck and gore combine to resist the powerful god Seth. Their adventures are fraught with many dangers and sacrifices will have everything. At the villain has a trump card up his sleeve, because his side has a lot of helpers, not only in the real world, but also for the other side of life. And in the course of travel is connected to the main characters, and Hathor (Jung) – the goddess of love. Together they will try to defeat Seth and his minions.
Starring: Brenton Thwaites, John Samaha, Courtney Eaton, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Paula Arundell, Alia Seror-O’Neill, Emily Wheaton, Elodie Yung, Rachael Blake, Bryan Brown

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