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God Of War 2

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Inexpressible joy for fans of action games – Kratos is back! God of War II – that’s all that was in God of War, and a little new. Hard to believe that this is not a game for the PS3: graphics, gameplay, sound and story is not a bit inferior to almost anything from the “new generation”. Sony could write God of War II on disk for PS3, no one would have noticed the difference. If there is someone who I would not recommend this game, except disgust and bad people playing. Because the sequel to the adventures of Kratos bed and complicated! Really a bed and really complicated, but that is really good.
It all starts with the new god of war, leading to the warriors of Sparta one victory after another, leaving the ruins of the Greek city. The rest of the gods begin to anxiously look at Kratos’ growing strength, besides not understand his practical attitude to human affairs. So, at some point, our hero finds himself betrayed Olympic teammates, deprived of its forces and killed. But because the time we were saved from Hades – why not again? At the same time we have a new ally – Gaia, too, already rather well-fed Zeus and other acts. She sends us on a journey to Moira with the requirement to turn back the clock and prevent the betrayal of Zeus. The story is worth mentioning because it is seriously higher than normal for the history of the Games. Yes, the devil, for it is possible to shoot a Hollywood blockbuster, and well-designed cut scenes reminiscent of bad about it. Everything happens in the world of Greek mythology and as smoothly embedded in them, which is already due to one story you can put the game high marks.
Not far behind him, and gameplay. If you have played the first part, he would be familiar – there are two attack buttons (strong, but slow and weak, but fast), but the main thing all the same – a combination thereof. Coupled with the jump and the seizure of only two buttons provide an impressive array of brutal attacks, which also depend on the situation – the enemy types, their quantity, distance … Although to be honest, you do not need to think too much when you select the combo and their use – You can “go” and just hitting everything. Still, to play so interesting that you do not notice it. Faced with larger enemies (not to mention the monstrous bosses!), We can put them through the QTE, followed by a great slaughter of ill-designed the stage, from which only the eyes do not tear.
The difficulty is mainly manifested in the battles with the bosses, and interleaves the furious battle riddles. First you need to play almost perfect to win, and the latter sometimes have to decide in a hail of enemy attacks.
The biggest problem of such games – a rapid gameplay molestation. God of War II to cope with this problem in several ways. Firstly, it is not monotonous – I’m not sure how many ways can be sent to Hades enemies, but many of these paths accurately. Secondly, first-class story, by itself, briskly changing location and not giving bored in general. And, finally, across pleasant things – for example, air battles on Pegasus. Approaching the griffin attacking, and you can jump on his back and tear the wings – the fun!
God of War II – an unequivocal masterpiece of action games. Everything is here, from the graphics and ending story deserves only praise. And there on the PS3 re-release, if you’re interested. IF YOU ARE all love action, God of War II certainly you enjoy.

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