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Gillian Jacobs: Graduate of the Juilliard School
Gillian is known for the role of Britta Perry in the series ‘Classmates’ / ‘Community’ (‘Community’) and Micky Dobbs in the series ‘Love’ (‘Love’). The actress also played Mimi Rose Howard in the TV series’ Girls’ and starred in such films as’ Gardens of the Night ‘,’ The Lookalike ‘and’ He Think twice ‘(‘ Do not Think Twice ‘). Gillian McClaren Jacobs (meets and the wrong version – Gillian) was born on October 19, 1982, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). Her mother, Martina Megeno Jacobs, works at Haines College at Carnegie University – Mellon. The actress’s father, William Jacobs, Jr., was an investment banker.
Gillian grew up in Mount Lebanon (Mt. Lebanon, Penn.). In her veins flowed French, German, Irish and Scottish blood. Her family owned the historic brewery complex ‘Jackson Koehler Eagle Brewery’, opened as early as 1847, in Erie (Erie, Penn.). Her grandfather, John Martin Megeno Sr., remained president and CEO of the complex until its closure in 1978.
Jacobs began to study acting at the age of seven. Growing up, she attended acting classes on Saturdays at the Pittsburgh Playhouse Center for Performing Arts.
Gillian performed with the Pittsburgh public theater, where she literally took part in the “Public’s Shakespeare Monologue Contest” competition all year round. It was the contest that allowed the actress to get the role of Titania, the queen of fairies and elves, in the comedy play A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
In 2000, after graduating from High School of Mount Lebanon, Jacobs moved to New York City (New York City), where she entered the Juilliard School. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2004.
Gillian’s first role outside the theatrical scene was the role of Adele Congreve in the television series ‘The Book of Daniel’. She got the role of Kim in the pilot release of the TV series ‘Missed’ (‘Traveler’), but when the right to launch the project bought by ABC, the heroine departed Pascale Hutton (Pascale Hutton).
The actress was invited to play in the episodes of the series’ The Face ‘(‘ Fringe ‘) and’ Law and order. Criminal intention ‘(‘ Law & Order: Criminal Intent ‘). In 2006, Jacobs became one of the main participants of the ‘out-of-the-outside-Broadway’ production of Chris Denham (Chris Denham) ‘cagelove’.
By and large, critics negatively reacted to the play, but Gillian herself deserved praise in several reviews. The newspaper The New York Times advised readers to “remember the name of the stunning graduate of the Juilliard School, Gillian Jacobs, whose star is still on fire.”
Jacobs played in such productions as ‘Fabulous Life of a Size Zero’ 2007, ‘A Feminine Ending’ 2007 and ‘The Little Flower of East Orange’ 2008. On the big screen, the actress starred in the drama ‘Blackbird’ in 2007, the drama ‘Choke’ of 2008 and the drama ‘Night Gardens’ of 2008.
Gillian performed the role of Dana in the thriller ‘The Box’ of 2009 with Cameron Diaz, the role of Samantha in the drama ‘Do not Think Twice’ in 2016 and appeared in the comedy ‘Brother-Nature’ (‘Brother Nature ‘) of 2016.
When the actress was asked to tell about Mike Birbiglia, who became director and wrote the script for the comedy Do not Think Twice, Jacobs stated the following:
‘Mike Birbiglia is not just one of the most talented directors I’ve ever worked with. He also has the most magnificent eyes, probably better than any other person on this planet. And how he smells … just great … and all the time. ”
The actress also wondered how rich her experience of improvisation was prior to filming in the film Do not Think Twice, and asked to remember if such an experience had happened at Juilliard School.
“In the Juilliard school you are not taught improvisation,” Gillian answered, “because there improvisation is not at all in price. They think that ‘our everything’ is a word fixed on a letter. Even if you say one wrong word, you are in great trouble, as the Juilliard School is a very serious place. For this reason, I practically had no experience in improvisation before working on this film. ”
After such a comment, the actress expressed her hope that the people would appreciate the joke and not consider it “wildly pretentious.”
In March 2009, Jacobs joined the comedy series NBC ‘Classmates’ (also known as the ‘Community’), where she played Britt Perry, who had flown out of high school student, seeking to become a psychologist.
This sitcom is interesting in that it was filmed with just one camera. The project closed on May 9, 2014, after which it became known that Gillian was approved for the role of Mimi-Rose Howard in the fourth season of the series ‘Girls’. In 2014, Yahoo! Screen decided to withdraw the sixth season of ‘Classmates’; On this became known on September 16, 2014.
Deciding to try his hand at directing, Gillian in January 2015 filmed the documentary ‘The Quee

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