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Schnauzer – the largest of all the dog schnauzers. Their growth can reach 70 cm, weight – 47 kg. Despite the large size, the representatives of this breed is characterized by a cheerful and playful disposition. A distinctive feature of the Giants is their incorruptible devotion owners.
History of breed
Homeland Giant Schnauzer is Germany. The ancestors of this breed is considered to be herding dogs. But according to another version Riesenschnauzers still considered to be a hunting breed. Especially because some of their habits give them excellent hunters. One of the dog while the guards were in the taverns. For this the breed was called “beer” Schnauzer.
In Russia, the boom in the Giants went into the 90s of the 20th century. Today, interest in them is a bit less vain. It is known that breeders from Germany is best able to find the ideal balance between appearance and internal content of the rock.
Giant Schnauzers have a strong dry constitution. Color them either black or “pepper and salt.” Movement of the animal elegant and sweeping. When running the front legs are thrown to the maximum distance ahead, while the hind legs provide the necessary power boost. There is a thick undercoat. A distinctive feature is the appearance of longer hair on the face, which forms a kind of mustache and beard.
Character Giant Schnauzer
Service dogs can easily compare the characteristics of the German Shepherd. It has high intelligence and easily trained. Giant Schnauzer is an excellent guard and companion, thus will not be bored its owner. The representatives of the breed is very energetic and active. It is safe to talk about this kind of choleric temperament schnauzers.
The representatives of this breed are strongly developed hunting instincts. Their owners will be able to see this when the dog sees walking a medium-sized animal, like a squirrel or a cat. Therefore, let Giants walk alone is not recommended, as they can easily get carried away by the pursuit and lost.
The largest Schnauzer – ideal companions. They are always much closer together with the owner, and the dedication they simply boundless. Representatives of breed love to be the center of attention and willingly show their pleasure in such situations. They get along well with children. Despite the large size Riesenschnauzers virtually harmless and are easy to many children’s pranks.
Dogs can live peacefully with other pets, especially if you grow up in the house with them from an early age. Overly suspicious of strangers they do not show. Schnauzer bark infrequently and only in the case. However, it should be noted that in the absence of early socialization can meet individuals with aggressive, nervous, cowardly behavior. These traits have riesenschnauzer only appear when the wrong upbringing, particularly in the first years of life.
Among the most common diseases Giant Schnauzer can be noted:
Like many other breeds, Riesenschnauzers have a high sensitivity to medicines, especially anesthetics group. They are prone to allergic skin diseases. In addition, representatives of this breed can meet a bladder infection.
Feeding Giant Schnauzer
Since the dog is prone to diabetes, you must carefully control the amount of sweets that she uses. You also need regular eye care for the prevention of eye diseases.
Care and maintenance
Representatives of this breed have little or no characteristic odor “skunk”. But the dog’s coat requires regular care. Face, especially those places where the hair is longer, you will need to comb every day to ensure that there was no “tangles”. Also, wipe the area around the mouth should be after every meal. Near the eyes and ears too long hair can be shortened, so that she did not close her eyes. Trimming do enough once every six months. Hydrotherapy treatments are recommended not too often, depending on the degree of contamination. You can use a dog shampoo that is sold in specialty stores.
Attention require dog eyes and claws. The last should be cut to the extent of their strong growth. Near Wool pads on the feet also need to be shortened. Schnauzer – an active and agile dog, which requires the constant exercise. He gets along well in a country house or apartment. However, life in the city should be saturated with frequent walks and possible exercise. At low activity dogs begin to gain weight, become lethargic, may disobey.
Vocational training Schnauzer needs. A dog of this breed has pronounced the instincts of a hunter and guard. Therefore, to avoid misunderstandings and prevent the formation of her negative traits, regular classes are needed. Schnauzer quickly learns lessons. But it is worth remembering that in the classroom the dog should be interested. In other words, if the lessons seem boring to her, the desired result will be very difficult to achieve.
Features puppy selection
The best age at which take Giant Schnauzer – 2-2,5 months. The dog already emerging incisors, and the future owner can fully appreciate the features of the bite. According to the standard, any defects bite considered a vice. Accordingly, wry mouth, overshot or undershot will be weighty reasons for disqualification riesenschnauzer exhibitions.
It is necessary to look into the medical history of parents. A serious breeder will not see anything wrong with that and it will show the future puppy owners. Some diseases representatives of the breed, in particular related to the eyes, inherited.
Choosing a puppy, you should pay attention to the level of its socialization. It is desirable that he was fully prepared to live with the new owner. Future owners are encouraged to review such information as the number of pups per litter. Optimally, the brood consisted of 6-8 kids. If the puppies more, perhaps, it was not enough mother’s milk. And this fact can affect the subsequent immunity and health of the dog.
Experts recommend paying attention to the appearance of the puppy. Giant Schnauzer should have a tough coat and long narrow head. dogs Color – jet black, the same color, and her claws. No pometin or spots in purebred representatives of the breed is not allowed. As with other species, it is recommended to choose the most vibrant and active puppy, but should pay attention to the fact that he showed no signs of aggression.
Giant Schnauzer is sure to become a great friend to his master. Also, the dog is an excellent guard and bodyguard. Its calm appearance should not be misleading – if necessary, representatives of this breed are very tough rivals. If Giant Schnauzer will get proper attention and care, the owner will have only positive emotions from communicating with your pet.

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