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Biography of Gerard Pique

Gerard Piqué (full name Gerard Piquet and Bernabéu) is a man whose whole life, one way or another, is inextricably linked with Catalonia. He was born in Barcelona, ​​played in “Barcelona”, and also became her most real star. Today, this star footballer is one of the brightest players in the history of Catalan football. After all, he is a true leader both on the football field and outside it.
As the president of Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, admitted recently, after leaving the sport of Carles Puyol, the captain’s armband of the Catalan club is likely to move Gerard Pique. This significant event, for sure, will happen very soon. In the meantime, we just have to wait – to wait and admire the bright game of a talented player, with an equally bright fate …

Childhood and the family of Gerard Pique
As mentioned above, our hero today was born in the heart of Catalonia – the city of Barcelona. Childhood of the future player passed in well-being and prosperity. Still would! After all, Gerard Pique’s own grandfather was Amador Bernabeu himself (!) – the former vice-president of “Barcelona”, and also once in the past a bright player of the Catalan club.

Perhaps, it was this circumstance that prompted the young boy to start playing football for the first time. Although, most likely, the main role in becoming a player was played by Barcelona itself. After all, in this city football is more than a sport! This is a real religion.
Anyway, for the first time in our football academy our hero of today happened ten years ago. After going through a difficult selection, he became a player in one of the younger teams of “Barcelona” – “Alevín A”. It is noteworthy that at that time the head coach of this team was the well-known Tito Vilanova – the future coach of the adult team of “Barca”. In the composition, there were such bright young players as Cesc Fabregas and Leonel Messi.

Gerard Pique in big football
Without going into details, we note that the formation of Gerard Pique as a professional football player was a rapid pace. In just a few years, he went through all the steps of the club hierarchy and very soon began to appear in the “Barcelona B”. It was during this period that the scouts of the English club “Manchester United” drew attention to the talented seventeen-year-old guy, who very soon came to the player with a proposal for cooperation. So in 2004, Gerard Pique turned out to be one of the most titled clubs in Europe.

Gerard Pique in Manchester United
On July 1, 2004, the talented defender joined the “mankunians”, and three weeks later he first appeared on the field in the T-shirt of the legendary club. Debut for the player was a cup match against the team “Crew Alexander”, representing one of the lower divisions of England. In that match, Manchester United scored a confident victory, not missing a single goal. However, despite this, subsequently Gerard Pique appeared on the field not often. In the period from 2004 to 2006, the young defender took part in only ten games of the main team, but in spite of this in 2005, he extended the contract with the club until 2009.
In 2006, Gerard Pique’s management decision was leased to the Spanish “Zaragoza”. In this club, he spent a whole season, but on his return and could not prove “Manchester United”, his professionalism. On the field, he appeared relatively rarely, having played in the 2007/2008 season only thirteen games. The only bright spot that year was the debut in the Champions League, which fell to a meeting with Dynamo Kiev.

Gerard Pique in Barcelona and the Spanish national team
Perhaps today we would not have known anything about such a player as Gerard Pique, if one day the managers of Barcelona did not go to communicate with representatives of Manchester United. Deciding to regain his pupil, agents of the Catalan club agreed with the British on all the essential terms of the deal and in 2008 they were able to sign a full-fledged contract with the defender. The amount of the transfer was not disclosed.

A new turn in the career of soccer player Gerard Pique
After returning to Catalonia, a new era began in the player’s career. Already in the debut season for himself 2008/2009 Gerard managed to gain a foothold in the “basis” of his old-new club, and also win a huge number of titles with him. In that season, “Barca” smashed everyone and everything, having managed in one year to win the Championship of Spain, the Cup of the King, the Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup, the Club World Cup, and also some other tournaments.

Since then, Gerard Pique has become an important link in the team building of the native club. This state of affairs is still preserved.
It is also worth noting that the inspired game in the Catalan club forced to draw attention to the player as well as the coaches of the Spanish national team. In 2009, the year

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