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Birthday: 16.05.1917 year
Age: 98 years
Place of birth: Helsingfors, Finland
Date of death: 15.02.2016 year
Place of death: North Bend, Washington
Height: 188 cm
Commandant Lassard ‘Police Academy’
After service in the Royal Netherlands Navy during the Second world Gaines immigrated to the United States where he obtained citizenship and began an acting career on Broadway.
His most famous role — commandant Eric Lassard ‘Police Academy’ (‘Police Academy’) and John van horn in the Comedy ‘Tootsie’ (‘Tootsie’).
The viewer, the actor is remembered as a foster parent Henry Warnimont in the TV series ‘Punky Brewster’ (‘Punky Brewster’), the theatrical producer Arthur Feldman in the TV series ‘the Days and nights of Molly Dodd’ (‘The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd’) and mobster Frank Smith in the soap Opera ‘General hospital’ (‘General Hospital’).
George Gaines, whose real name Jongejans, was born on may 16 1917 in Helsinki (Helsinki), at that time in the Grand Duchy of Finland and part of the Russian Empire. He was the son of the Russian artist AI Grigorievna De Guet, known as Lady AI Abdi, and Dutch businessman Gerrit of Jongejans. Uncle George, actor Gregory Gaye (Gregory Gaye), has starred in more than hundred films.
Gaines grew up in France (France), and Britain (England) and Switzerland (Switzerland). Having received American citizenship, George rapidly created a reputation as a musical Comedy by the level of Broadway. He acted in Comedy productions in the 1940s and 1950s, particularly remembered for his appearance in ‘the Marvelous city’ (‘Wonderful Town’), a musical version of the film ‘My sister Eileen’ (‘My Sister Eileen’).
Gaines has performed on the operatic stage in Italy ( Italy) and France before the Second world war and on the Opera stage United States after the war.
The actor was torn between music and stage dramatic and Comedy plays. He played the role of Bob Baker in the original production of ‘Wonderful town’ of 1953 and Jupiter in the musicals of Cole porter (Cole Porter) ‘Out of This World’. Gaines appeared in the operettas of William Gilbert (William Gilbert) and Arthur Sullivan (Arthur Sullivan) and played Henry Higgins in the musical ‘My fair lady’ (‘My Fair Lady’) on tour across the United States in 1964.
On small screens George got the role of Henry Warnimont in the TV series ‘Punky Brewster’. The same character he voiced in the animated version of ‘Punky Brewster’ production company ‘Ruby-Spears’. Gaines also directed the very last episode of ‘wkrp in Cincinnati’ (‘WKRP in Cincinnati’).
Gaines has worked in several films, including she starred in the drama ‘the way we were’ (‘The Way We Were’) 1973 with Barbara Streisand (Barbra Streisand), the Comedy ‘the dream Merchants’ (‘Nickelodeon’) and the cult film ‘Tootsie’ with Dustin Hoffman (Dustin Hoffman) and Jessica Lange (Jessica Lange).
In 1984 George was transformed into commandant Eric Lassard in the first of the seven parts of the ‘Police Academy’. He remained in the role for all seven paintings, and the Comedy of the show (‘Police Academy: The Series’). Viewers of the 1980s may also remember the actor for his role as Frank Smith, the mafia boss after the super popular characters Luke and Laura in the ‘endless’ soap Opera ‘General hospital’.
In 1994, Gaines portrayed Professor Serebryakov in the critically acclaimed independent dramedy Louis Malle (Louis Malle) ‘Vanya on 42nd street’ (‘Vanya on 42nd Street’) with the participation of Julianne Moore (Julianne Moore).
Actively implementing their acting talents in television and film projects since the early 1960s, George was a regular member of daytime soap operas, including replaced Robert Mandana (Robert Mandan), who played Sam Reynolds in the TV series ‘quest for tomorrow’ (‘Search for Tomorrow’). Gaines played in the drama ‘Group’ (‘The Group’) 1966, the science fiction Thriller ‘Cut off’ (‘Marooned’) of 1969 and the drama George Schaefer (George Schaefer) ‘Doctor’s Wives’ 1971.
Gaines also appeared in one episode of the sci-Fi series ‘Parallel worlds’ (‘Sliders’), where it can be found in the face of an old Quinn Mallory, the main character, played Jerry O’connell (Jerry O’connell).
George was married to Ellen Ann Maclary (Allyn Ann McLerie), dancer and actress of theater and cinema, 20 December 1953. The couple had two children — a son Matthew and daughter Iya.
Enough at an early age, Matthew has had issues with marijuana. He was sent to school on the island of Santa Catalina (Santa Catalina Island), where Matt learned about ocean kayaking and completely changed their way of life. He grew up and became one of the most respected paddlers of his generation.
Matthew was one of the most likely candidates for enrollment in the Olympic team in 1980, when President Jimmy Carter (Jimmy Carter) called for a boycott of the Moscow Olympics in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (Afghanistan). Matt died in a car crash in India (India) in 1989, on the way to Nepal (Nepal), where he had to withdraw in the kayaking picture for the cable channel ESPN. He was not driving, and in the same fateful car had no seat belts. Himself after Matt left the wife who married him in early 1989.
Daughter of George, attorney Gaines Iya Falcone, led several election campaigns at various California politicians. She took part in elections in Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara) and two terms served on the city Council.
In 1989, Gaines and his wife starred together in the TV series ‘the Days and nights of Molly Dodd’. Before that, the couple already had the experience of working together on the same site in the TV series ‘Punky Brewster’ where Ellin Ann Maclary appeared in one of the episodes of the first season. She played Maggie Makleri, which watched the character Gaines, Henry Warnimont.
In 2011, Gaines said in an interview that he was ‘light’, ‘open’ and ‘heart’ relationship with Soleil moon Frye (Soleil Moon Frye), a star of the TV series ‘Punky Brewster’. He added, however, that the outside shots generally had no contact with Soleil. George also said that the ‘Wonderful dog Brendan’ appeared in the TV series, got his nickname in honor of Brendan Tartikoff (Brandon Tartikoff), President of NBC.
Gaines died at 99 year of life, February 15, 2016, at his home in North bend, Washington (North Bend, Washington).

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