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Name: George Clooney
Date of Birth: May 6, 1961 (55 years old)
Zodiac: Taurus
Oriental horoscope: Taurus
Place of birth: Lesington, USA
Occupation: actor, director, screenwriter
Weight: 89 kg
Height: 180 cm
Biography of George Clooney
Son of Star
Clooney’s family is very closely associated with the scene. Mom actor wore the status of “Vice-Miss Kentucky”, and dad worked broadcaster. By the way, in his talk show host George participated since five years.
“When I was a kid, I was fascinated appearance of the Pope on television – he says Clooney – I kept trying to figure out as much as he was. Where is the small box is the door through which so freely enter uncles and aunts. And how are they conveniently. How is this possible? Dad was at the same time and close the screen. That’s a miracle! ”
By five years Clooney figured that appears on the screen, you need to leave the house and go to the television studio. “Then I knew that there is a film – the actor grins – I remember that I started laryngitis, and I could not say a word. And when doctors cleaned my throat, I told them that I had spoiled the audio track. ”
On weekends, the boy went to Dad’s teleploschadku. studio workers noticed that little George is very telegenic and energetic, so they began to try it in the TV show. Boy dressed up for the Christmas gnome issues and asked to sing songs. By the way, George’s aunt Rosemary was a famous singer.
Newly-born athlete
In the late 60s, George’s father became increasingly rendered irrelevant. Then just replace the old movie came color TV and new movies. Clooney Sr. denounced TV last words, dissatisfaction and passed to his son, so the boy switched to new interest – baseball.
At age 16, George tried to get into the Cincinnati Reds. But the novice athlete had no experience and technology, so he was given a lapel turn. Frustrated Clooney went to the University of Northern Kentucky. But instead of the lessons he was engaged girls and booze, and three years later he was still a freshman. And then the students to understand that if he remained at the university, then sopetsya. At this point, the future actor decided to move to Los Angeles and start a career on the stage. The decision, by the way, it was reasonable, George counted on the support of her husband’s aunt, director and actor José Ferrer.
The first contract with the help of the bed
In the mid ’80s, George Clooney went almost every day to listen to, and after the trial he was waiting for the hard work. The young man worked as a loader and assistant builders. But in the end the fate of the actor gave a chance, come on ABC television on trial for his readings he chose the scene in which the bed was involved.
This character actors Head of department was waiting with curiosity, like George get out of the situation. Suddenly, after the command “Forward” Friend George made bed. Where did it come in the office, it remains a mystery. But Clooney has helped to sign a contract with ABC. The channel gave the actor only small episodes. George played in the TV series “The Facts of Life,” “Baby Talk” show “Roseanne.” By the way, in one of the series producer George accused of violating the chain of command and vowed that the young man will never appear on television.
Then Clooney seemed that his career was over. But after a couple of days he was called to the casting to the draft Quentin Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs.” But the mood George was worse than ever, so fashionable in Hollywood project, he did not play.
Then Clooney started playing low-budget films “B” category, which appeared only on video. Among the paintings, “The Return of the incredible horror”, “Return of the killer tomatoes”, “Return of the red surfboard.”
Success came to George Clooney in 1994. The actor starred in the popular TV series “ER”, which focuses on weekdays, one of Chicago Hospitals. Clooney entrusted to play a pediatrician, a role the actor was nominated for various telenagrady America. Two years later, George appeared in the cult film “From Dusk Till Dawn.” Then the young man very fruitfully worked with Quentin Tarantino, who was looking like the main villain of his crime opus.
Clooney’s character is a loving brother, a ruthless criminal. After starring George Clooney has finally gone from the image of Dr. Ross. And also won the sympathy of youth 90s. By the way, “From Dusk Till Dawn” shook up Hollywood. The very next day after the presentation of the painting to the actor began knocking producers proposals.
In 1997 he started pouring in theaters movies with George Clooney. First there was the comedy “One Day,” released after “Peacemaker”. Next, the actor worked well with Jennifer Lopez in the film “Out of Sight.”
The undoubted success of producers has been the emergence of George Clooney in the movie “The Thin Red Line.” The actor starred with John Travolta, Woody Harrelson and Sean Penn. The film was released simultaneously with the film “Saving Private Ryan,” Spielberg, however, is not lost, it was noticed and appreciated.
In 1999, viewers saw the film “Three Kings”, where Clooney has played the American infantry occupied searching for gold. In this role, by the way, claimed Mel Gibson and Nicolas Cage.
On the balance of death
Already in the new century, in 2005 there was a box office film “Syriana” Steven Gegen. This is the story of the modern world, with its greed, terror and lowered morale. On the film the actor nearly died. He injured his cervical vertebra, even had to do two operations. As a result, the whole life of Clooney accompany headaches.
Star wide profile
Also hypocrisy actor from the late 90’s tried himself as a director, in fact, he wrote the script. His debut work – a picture of “Kilroy”.
Together with Steven Spielberg, George Clooney has organized telekinostudiyu «Section Eight». As a result, I got the opportunity to do in Hollywood movies unconventional. Here, for example, created the “Ocean’s Eleven” and its sequel, “Full Frontal,” “Jacket”, “Welcome to Collinwood”. Actor and produced film “Far From Heaven,” “Insomnia”.
In addition, George is also rezhesserom. His first picture in this role – “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” in 2002. She received an award from the National Union of Film Critics “for his contributions to cinema.” A tape “Good Night, and Good Luck” six times nominated for “Oscar”.
Personal life
On the personal life of the actor knows quite a bit. George prefers to keep secret details of his novels.
One and a half years the actor has lived in marriage with Talia Balzac. But in 1992 the couple separated. Then the heat of the moment Clooney said that he would never marry and would not have children. Then even colleagues argued for the large sums that 40 years in the actor still become a father. They lost, but George returned the money to them.
The tabloids happy relished stories with different Hollywood beauties, among them was Madonna, Denise Crosby, Celine Belistran, Renee Zellweger, Kelly Preston and Cindy Crawford. But ringed enviable groom could not nobody.
By the way, add up the legend of the drinking bouts of stormy actor in a circle of male friends. He likes to sit up in the morning with a glass of whiskey. Once Clooney even watered obscene Danny DeVito. And if George habits says “yes”, then a categorical “no” sounds against tobacco. Smoking actor abhors. That’s because the nine relatives of celebrities died of cancer, including Rosemary Clooney.
Interesting Facts
As a child, Clooney wanted to become a priest. But I do not go there, because the Church does not favor drinking.
18 years, Clooney lived pig. This affected the relation of actor to clean. If people George looks brand-new, the house had a complete mess.
Fame came to an actor when he was already over 30 years old. It’s pretty late time for Hollywood. But now Clooney earns up to $ 20 million per picture.

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