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Gears of War 4

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The fourth part of the famous sci-fi shooter from Microsoft, the plot of which takes place twenty-five years after the events of the main series.
Developed by Epic Games the original Gears of War was released in late 2006, immediately becoming one of the most recognizable exclusives on the Xbox 360. For the game created a stunning setting – events took place on the planet Sera, where the remains of people were deadly war with the Locust, intelligent and aggressive creatures , emerged from the ground. In order to survive, people built a militarized society, where everything is done for the sake of victory.
The second feature of Gears of War was the battle system – it was the first shooter mechanics shelters behind which can be hidden, moved between them and the fire, staying safe. Without the proper use of the shelters could not go through many battles in the game.
Epic Games has released no less successful second and third part, and then the development of the series do Microsoft and studio People Can Fly. Shooter Gears of War: Judgement, which the unfolding events in the fifteen years prior to the main story, was perceived by the press and the players are much worse than the previous three parts. However, at E3 2015, Microsoft announced the Gears of War 4, the development of which was assigned a studio The Coalition. Gears of War 4 goes to the new Microsoft program in which all the exclusives company developed simultaneously for Xbox One and Windows 10.
Events unfold fourth of twenty-five years after the completion of the story classic trilogy. People managed to win, but a very high price – survived only a few hundred thousand people, and the planet Sera became unsuitable for living. Almost all the population lives in cities with protective domes, but there are those who remain outside. They were the first to face the new danger that threatens mankind – Roy, a group of mysterious creatures, which are no less aggressive than the defeated Locust.
The protagonist of the continuation – JD Phoenix, the son of Marcus Fenix, famous by the original series. Overall, Gears of War 4 is built on the same lines as the previous part, albeit on new technologies. JD passes levels in the company of several teammates who cover fire, and sometimes assist in activities that require the participation of several people – for example, in one of the situations the player takes the place of the turret and ostrelivaet enemies, while the rest of the men are trying to open a passage further.
The main novelty of multiplayer – rating system, which distributes the fighting so that beginners and experienced players are the opponents of their own level. Most modes are designed for team play. Read more about the multiplayer read our review, and if you want to learn more about the game – then watch the video.

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