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Game Of Thrones

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A screen adaptation of the book of George Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” received the staggering popularity among fans and admirers of his work, and has become a terrific discovery for those who first heard about this universe.
Events series “Game of Thrones” is set in the heart of the state of the Seven Kingdoms. Divided into the house, as well as having its own unique history and culture, heads of kingdoms weave unpredictable and treacherous intrigue against each other, trying to expand its influence in other lands. The plot of the story begins after the recognized king of the united country Robert Baratheon requests to an old friend and ruler cold northern land Edward Stark, with which they were not in a great battle, fought side by side. King asks for help in investigating a mysterious murder in the walls of his castle, offering to cover Stark post his adviser. But no one suspected that the murder covered the brutal political game, which will take away with them more than a dozen lives.
A feature of the series are the heroes with a unique past and personal views on the events happening around them. Liars, traitors, brave and pure of heart warriors, spies and murderers gathered all together, and sometimes determine, who is who, and what purpose each one pursues, you can not until the very end. Lanisterov wealthy families that can buy one and all. Targaryen family, lost his power over the kingdom during the civil war and striving to regain its former glory. Proud and inflexible Starkey, hardened by cold northerly winds. All they will face in the bloody and brutal battle with the other great houses for the right to possess the throne.
Unpredictable plot lines, like threads of court intrigues, famously twisted and entwined with each other, pushing in this ruthless game more and more participants. The colorful and memorable characters of the series will cause the deepest sympathy of the audience, or, on the contrary, fierce hatred. But do not get attached to each. Even yesterday, each pursuing their motives, all of a sudden votknet knife in the back a loved one, a cruel and unscrupulous killer, to everyone’s surprise, will risk their lives to save others. In this dirty and really bloody game will be drawn all. And in order to survive in this tricky game to each of the characters have to risk entering into fragile and dangerous alliances in order to overcome a stronger opponent. However, to prove the credibility of the other – then signed his own death warrant. But how many people can survive this game of thrones?
In the meantime, in the kingdom is a war for the interests of families, somewhere in the north of the Great Wall, ancient evil is awakened, which will take away the life of absolutely everyone. But few people have to this case, when at stake is the power and wealth. And just all forgotten the Order of the Black Raven is able to discern the true threat and try to prevent the inevitable.

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