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Gale Sondergaard

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Gale Sondergaard – actress.
Sondergaard was born on February 15, 1899 in Litchfield (Minnesota, USA), her real name Edith Hill Sondergaard. The girl was studying at the School of Dramatic Art in Minneapolis, and then joined the Shakespeare Theatre. Later Sondergaard went on tour with a theater company with performances of “Hamlet,” “Julius Caesar,” “The Merchant of Venice” and “Macbeth.”
In 1936, Gale Sondergaard starred in “Antony Edvers” movie and was the first who won the Oscar for “Best Actress”.
In the 30s the actress career was on top. In 1937, Gayle has played in the film “The Life of Emile Zola”. In 1939, Gale Sondergaard won witch role in the film “The Wizard of Oz,” but feared that the image of witches and ugly makeup can ruin her career, refused the offer.
In 1940, she played the role of Taylett in the film “The Blue Bird” – a response to the film company Fox film “The Wizard of Oz.” In the same year, Gale appeared in the film “The Letter”, where she played the exotic and sinister wife. For the role of the wife of the king in the movie “Anna and the King of Siam” Sondergaard won a second Academy Award nomination in the “Best Supporting Actress” category.
Gail’s career was severely affected during the period in the US “Red threat” in the early 1950s, when her husband was accused of belonging to the Communist Party and included in the “black list” of Hollywood. Sondergaard supported her husband while working on the film “Salt of the Earth” in 1954. Immediately after the film was ready, they sold their house in Hollywood and moved to New York, where Gail was able to play in the theater.
In 2000 he was made into a film, “One of the Hollywood Ten” – chronicles the relationship Sondergaard and Baybermena (husband of actress) and its role in making the film “Salt of the Earth.”
Before you leave your career, actress starred in several films. Gale Sondergaard died from cerebrovascular thrombosis in Los Angeles August 14, 1985. Her body was cremated and the ashes scattered over the Pacific Ocean.

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