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Gabriella Wilde

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Gabriella Wilde – British actress and model, who starred in the TV series “Doctor Who” movie “classmate and secret pirate gold”, “The Three Musketeers”, “Dark Horse”, “Telekinesis”, “Anatomy of Love” and others.
Gabriella Zanna Vanessa Anstruther-Gough-Kaltorpe (full name of the actress) was born on April 8, 1989 in the British town of Basingstoke in an aristocratic family.
The girl’s father – businessman John Austen Anstruther-Gough-Kaltorpe, the grandson of a baronet Fitzroy Anstruther-Gough-Kaltorpe. A mother – Vanessa Marie Tresa Hubbard, ex-wife of Sir Dai Llewellyn, the fourth baronet. Gabriella went to a prestigious boarding school for girls. Wilde received a broad education, involved in dance, painting, tennis, skiing and studying foreign languages.
Blue-eyed blonde, first became known as a model. She has collaborated with the best model houses in the world. At sixteen, she first appeared on the screen, playing the girl-vampire in the popular television series “Doctor Who” (2005).
In twenty years, Gabriella Wilde played for the first time in a full-length tape. She starred in the British adventure comedy by Oliver Parker and Barnaby Thompson, “a classmate and secret pirate gold” (2009). The picture shows the life of the school of Saint Trinians where learning example hooligan students with sufficient knowledge of cold weapons and explosives. The boys go in search of the legendary pirate Fritton gold, which is the successor of the headmistress of the school. Gabriella sang in the movie role of a beautiful girl Saffi.
Broad international fame came to the actress in the twenty-two years old when in 2011, the Wild played the role of the beautiful Constance in Paul Anderson’s “The Three Musketeers” (2011). The tape tells the story of the legendary D’Artagnan, who had left his home and went to Paris, hoping to get a place in the regiment of musketeers. By chance one day he immediately offended the three musketeers – Athos, Porthos and Aramis – and received from all three challenges to a duel. But later they became friends. In this adaptation of the famous adventure Gabriella played alongside such movie stars as Logan Lerman, Milla Jovovich, Matthew Macfadyen, Ray Stevenson, Luke Evans, Mads Mikkelsen. She got the role of maid of honor to Queen Constance Bonacieux – beloved d’Artagnan.
Belle was able to prove that it has not only outstanding external data, but also the dramatic potential.
The 2012th eminent director Roland Emmerich invited Gabriella Wilde on the lead role in his film “Dark Horse”. Should not be less well-known director Kimberly Peirce called Briton for the lead role in the American project “Telekinesis” (2013). Horror tells the story of a nondescript high school student, who from birth has the ability of telekinesis. On her crushes religious mother and peers constantly taunted her that it would further develop supernatural powers. The story is set at the outlet of a girl when she becomes the victim of cruel jokes of his classmates.
Following Martin Weisz called Gabriella in its US drama “settlers” (2013), which tells about the early returning home from a vacation rich, who find in his house two homeless lovers. Then the director Shana Fest invited twenty-four actress for the role of fifteen girls in a melodrama, “The Anatomy of Love” (2014), tells the story of an overwhelming sense of the two students.
Gabriella Wilde married musician Alan Pownall, which met five years. In August 2013 twenty-four actress and model year was the mother, having given birth to a son.

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