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Name: Gabriel Macht
Date of Birth: January 22, 1972 (44)
Zodiac: Aquarius
Oriental horoscope: Rat
Place of birth: Bronx, New York, USA
Activities: Actor
Weight: 87 kg
Height: 184 cm
Biography Gabriel Macht
Childhood Gabriel Macht
Hometown actor – Bronx. His family is related to the actor’s environment, in particular his father – actor named Steven Macht. The family had four children – two boys and two girls. In the Bronx, they have lived up until Gabriel is under five years. Then the family moved to California, it was due to the fact that his father’s career went up.
As a boy of eight years, Gabriel took part in shooting the comedy “Why would I lie?”. It was the 1980th year. After this operation the boy for a long time not removed, starting to play as adults. The director of this film Treat Williams. Macht was shot there by the name of Gabriel Swann. The young actor for taking part in this comedy was awarded the prize “young actor”.
After high school, Gabriel entered the University of Carnegie Mellouna city of Pittsburgh, where a young man graduated. After he returned to the acting profession and began acting.
Early career Gabriel Macht, the first films
After a long break the first time Macht appeared on screens in 1991. It was a picture of “presumption of guilt» NBC channel.
In 1995, the actor landed a role in the western “the river.” Participating in the production of «Picasso at the Lapin Agile», the young actor played the stranger from the future.
Over the next two years, Gabriel has appeared in movies, playing supporting roles. These paintings were “Simply Irresistible” and “Object of My Affection.” At that time it seemed that Macht’s career went down, but it took several years and everything changed.
Already 1999th there was a film in which Gabriel has starred in one of the main roles – this indie project “is not just.” This was followed by another starring role in “BOOKMAKER weeping.” These roles made critics and audiences re-think about the actor, talking about it.
New roles Gabriel Macht
With the advent of the new millennium started longer Macht to star. Thus, in the fiction series “The Others”, he played a medic-empath. It was a constant role. Macht was then invited to the “History of Audrey Hepburn.” In this picture, also was involved in Jennifer Love Hewitt.
The really big role was in 2001, Gabriel received the year. He was selected to his role as Fran James in the movie “American heroes”. The picture was shot just as Colin Farrell. Despite the fact that about the movie critics said, as the crowded anachronisms, participation in it Macht considered a big plus and discovery, calling it a charismatic hero.
Not without Gabriel’s picture and “Behind Enemy Lines”, where he starred with Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman. Actor Macht starred in the blockbuster “Bad Company”, which was attended by Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rocco.
Viewers noticed an interesting actor in 2004, the year when there was a film “A Love Song for Bobby Long.” The main role in this film also starred John Travolta, and the main female role – Scarlett Johansson. This is a film about the relationship between women and men, about a girl who unexpectedly inherited from the mother’s home near New Orleans, and along with it – two drunks.
Robert De Niro, as the director of the film “The Good Shepherd”, was invited to one of the roles Macht, along with Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon. Gabriel took part in the filming of the TV series “Spin City” and “Sex and the City.”
Gabriel Macht is now
The actor and acted as producer. He has produced an independent motion picture “without reason.”
In 2008, the year the actor was invited to the film “The Avengers” on the role of the very avenger. Unfortunately, the picture turned out to be a failure, but the audience and critics praised the work Macht, after which he and his character have become iconic characters. “Raider” was filmed on comics of the same name.
The 2009th Gabriel with Kate Bekinseyll starred in the film “Whiteout”. In the film titled “Between two fires” and the movie “Mediator” actor came along with Giovanni Ribisi and Luke Wilson. “Mediator” – a film about how an exemplary family man is a dirty business, and tries his best to make sure that his work will not affect the family. Fil is based on the life experiences of Christopher Mallick, who in the nineties was the creator of an online billing system of payment porn sites, making porn industry went on the Internet to a new level. The film was made in such a way that it raises questions about friendship, family, love, money and betrayal. Critics of this film is considered one of the best in the filmography of Gabriel Macht. The actor is not just played in action movies. The most famous acquired film “The Recruit.” In it also starred Al Pacino and Colin Farrell.
Recent films with “Love and Other Drugs” Macht involving steel, “Firestorm” and TV series “force majeure”.
Personal life Gabriel Macht
Gabriel got married at the age of thirty-two years. His wife was Jacinda Barrett, is an American actress of Australian origin. In 2007, the year in acting family the girl was born, which gave the name Geraldine. Full name sounds like Satin Eneys Geraldine Macht.
New York Yankees – baseball team, which is a fan of Gabriel Macht.

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