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These games are usually awarded the epithets in the spirit of “furious”, “frantic” or, excuse me, “rollicking”, but it’s not. Furi cool, and it’s even a little scary. It has no emotion, no feelings. Steel the rhythm and absolute concentration on the Essentials.
“The jailer is the path to freedom. Kill him, and you are free.”
At Furi you kill good in General people. You and the protagonist (call him Wanderer) different motives, but you are with him on the way: he tries to escape, you just want to fight cool bosses to the music with retrouve parties. And who are these people — what do you care? Noble, strong, miserable, broken… all is one.
To your conscience cry out to you trying to sow doubt. But you and the hero have already made a choice. It is in that moment, when he was released from the cells. You bought the damn game.
Hotline Hiroshima
From Parallels to Hotline Miami to get rid of difficult. It is also a quick action in the colors of acid rave, under the exuberant dance music of Carpenter Brut type or is there The Toxic Avenger. But more common there. Furi and Hotline Miami rather two opposites. There are hordes of useless fools here — dozen serious opponents, with whom you fight one on one. The entire game is a long series of duels, desperate boss rush. The atmosphere is almost intimate, the voltage is always at the limit.
The fight will be thus simplified as possible. You can hit with a sword, swipe, sword, shoot, shoot powerfully, and even fend off and bounce everything. But the point is, to master all this perfectly. Third boss — managing time-nerd-old guy — said to the Wanderer: “so in the account every second.” But here it is not about seconds, and the smallest fractions. Put the block at the wrong time — missed a shot. Too late stepped aside — caught a bullet. In Furi sense of rhythm and reaction is most important.
Opponents tease, gradually freed from the constraints — say, “this is not my last form,” and embody every conceivable anime cliches. But here this is the place. The fight may last about fifteen minutes, and all this time you will gradually know the enemy, to get used to his behavior and adapt while he adds to his fighting style the new elements and drop the old one.
The character design did the author of “Afrosamurai” Takashi Okazaki. This is clearly seen — sometimes images are cited almost verbatim.
Typically, in each stage of the boss two strips of life. Until the first runs out, you fight, alternating between melee and ranged, and when it will end — face at close range.
Sophisticated ingenuity at the level of Japanese danmaku is not here, but even simple patterns Furi drawn with unbearable grace. Every blow, every shot felt snappy, very natural. Design battles honed in the behavior of the bosses are no unfair surprises: any unexpected reaction the first time you just do not kill, and on the second you will have time to react. No surprises and that you know how.
Therefore, Furi is very quickly mastered, begin to flit across the field — but not as mad, no. A series of enemy attacks first seem chaotic, at some point unfolds in the mind with the simplest components. When you catch a wave, the stranger moves clearly, economically, without a single superfluous movement. Then begin to feel a kind of absolutely immeasurable toughness.
Burden and only small nedokruchennym episodes, stands out sharply against the background of opportunities. Sometimes, for example, that one boss, just seemed the most interesting enemy in the world, at different stages becomes an unfocused longing. For example, the initial shape of the control time grandfather split from the first attempt and becomes more a test of patience than skill, but a long time pereprohodit it will, most likely, more than once. On each stage you have a few attempts, but if you fail, you will have to start over.
Peaceful episodes of Furi loves beautifully subverted with composition. Including why it is better to put the Wanderer on autopilot and just watch.
And in addition to fighting? Only slow walking with expositional monologues: beautiful, brooding, but once you click of rebound to the wanderer went all the way himself — out battle to steer them and not half as nice. There are a couple of moments when the game gives you a choice, and then “kills” you save after reaching one of the endings. Okay, what would make the authors, but from repeated playthroughs get not so much fun to start the game again for the other ending. Unless you want to re-Furi on too high of difficulty.
Starting Furi, you agree that you are ready for the game, where there is nothing but bosses who want to push hard. And struggled, and nothing else: low level of difficulty makes battles too sluggish, and concise story, only to remove from it the joy of prevoznemogaya, it becomes much less effective.
But if you are from the game only thing that you need Furi is doing as expected almost all.

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