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The wide popularity of the French fries brought advertising of fast food restaurants “McDonald’s”. This dish cannot be called useful and dietary, and the main evidence is the not the slender regulars at the restaurants of the network.
Rumors and speculation
Around fries spinning a variety of rumors and speculation. And respond to manufacturers often can’t, because it is not profitable to speak in exposing your product and exculpatory answers they have.
The first popular rumor is that potatoes made from powder. The manufacturer rejected this rumor, claiming that the long straw potatoes made from luxury natural potato varieties Santana, Russet Bourbon and Innovator.
The second rumor concerns the fact that in the finished French fries there is nothing useful. Manufacturers claim that the French fries sold at McDonald’s, contains both vitamins and nutrients. The cleaning method that they use, different from the traditional one and allows you to save the top layer of the root, which focused vitamins. And frying itself lasts only 3 minutes, unlike a home, which occupies 20 minutes.
Third rumor that potatoes fried in oil of questionable quality. Manufacturer’s claim that for roasting potatoes, they use only high quality natural vegetable oil, adapted for deep-frying. It differs from store, made specifically for restaurants that are less prone to oxidation with oxygen and is resistant to high temperatures. In addition, butter is constantly changing according to the control system implemented in every restaurant of the network.
The secret to a crisp
Crisp French fries hides the flesh, something resembling a baked potato. Roasting potatoes in a conventional deep fryer does not allow you to achieve a similar result. To get potatoes of a quality such as root vegetables first, cut, blanched and then dipped for a few seconds in the hot oil, making raw vegetable is covered with a light fried crust. After that, the potatoes are frozen and in this form transported to the restaurants.
In the subsequent heat treatment of the crust does not allow the oil to penetrate the vegetable. Thus, it is familiar to us French fries that has a pleasant taste and almost no fat.
Useful properties of potatoes. Whether they are in French fries?
Potatoes are rich in potassium, iron, iodine, sodium, magnesium and vitamins B1, B2 and C. As a rule, most of the contained nutrients it loses in the cooking process.
We all know that intake of carbohydrates can raise the mood of the person, calm and satisfaction.
The carbohydrates in potatoes have a high glycemic index, so we have quick mood changes and an equally rapidly increasing our weight.
In contrast to potatoes, we can say that there are a sufficient number of products with medium and low glycemic index is able to boost mood and keep your weight normal. It is therefore not necessary to believe sometimes pop up in the press assurances that the French fries will bring you emotional satisfaction. He does it thanks to its of carbohydrates which very quickly turn into sugar and calories.
It is also possible to question the fact that the restaurants are constantly changing the oil for frying. You think about it – how often in our country strictly follow the manufacturing technology of a product?
Speaking about the direct dangers of French fries, it is worth asking someone not attribute it to fast food? The very rich in TRANS-fats that increase cholesterol in the blood and increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In addition, they interfere with the metabolic processes of cells and can trigger the development of malignant diseases.
Most Americans regularly consume fast food. Largely due to the fact that one serving of French fries contains 600 kilocalories, Americans are the most complete nation in the world. Although among them there are the lucky ones who portion of fries not terrible. Especially if they cook it at home.

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