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Name: Frank Sinatra
Date of Birth: December 12, 1915
Oriental horoscope: Rabbit
Place of birth: Hoboken, New Jersey, United States
Date of Death: May 14, 1998 (82 years)
Occupation: singer, actor
Biography of Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra – a great actor and a great musician who has become a true symbol of America and its main star for many, many years. His singing career began in the 40s, and by its end came at such a height that even in his lifetime was regarded as a real actor of the classic music of the New World. He was called a model of taste and style. His velvety voice in all radios of the vast country. That is why, even after the death of the great master of all his songs are also an important milestone in the history of the United States and throughout the world music industry.
But how much do we know about the man whose songs have already heard, probably hundreds of times? As leaked his life and stage career? What are the most important phases encompassed his fate? Do we know all about Frank Sinatra? Probably not. That is why our present article is dedicated to the great actor and musician is likely to be very relevant.
The early years, childhood and the family of Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra was born in a family of Italian immigrants who arrived in the US at an early age. Together with all their simple belongings they settled on the east coast of the United States, starting thus a new chapter in his life.
Father of our today’s hero was born in the Italian city of Palermo. During his life in America, he tried a myriad of specialties – was a porter at the shipyards, a bartender, a firefighter and even some time for a living, leaving the ring as a professional boxer.
It is quite another thing – the future mother of the musician. All her life she led a quiet and measured life. For a long time was an ordinary American housewife, however, put his son on his feet, decided one day to build a career and began to work as chairman of the city Democratic Party cell.
As for the Frank, his life in early childhood has been the most common. It was not poverty or the ostentatious wealth. The only bright spot in his life has always been music. For thirteen years he earned singing, speaking in bars hometown of Hoboken and accompanying himself on the tiny “guitar” – ukulele. At first, everything went quite normally, but some time later followed the first performance on the radio, which, in fact, allowed to decide the future of the great singer with who he wants to be an adult.
In the mid-thirties by Frank Sinatra with his then-friends together a group of «The Hoboken Four», which soon appeared at the contest of young talents “Amateur hour Big Bose”. Performance proved to be successful, and in the next month the whole team went to the national tour of US cities. After that, while Frank Sinatra worked in the music cafes, as well as all well as before often appeared on radio.
Star Trek Frank Sinatra: Music and Filmography
However, the real success to our today’s hero came in the early forties. During this period, he began to speak often with jazz bands of Harry James and Tommy Dorsey. During this period, a talented musician drew the attention of the eminent American show business. In 1946 the American-Italian singer recorded his first album «The Voice Of Frank Sinatra», which followed two years later came another disc – «Christmas Songs By Sinatra».
Things were going well, but at some point things started to collapse by itself. Marriage Frank with long-time girlfriend, Nancy Barbato broke up because of an affair with actress Ava Gardner. Relations with the Hollywood star and soon grew into a big scandal. Because of this, some concerts were canceled artist in New York. Frank fell into a prolonged depression, which some time later was the cause of his dismissal from the radio. On top of this in 1951, the singer suddenly lost his voice due to a lingering cold. Pinned down by a load of problems, a great musician thought of suicide …
But the final step, Frank Sinatra did not do, and for some time later, the situation is slowly beginning to improve. Having lost the vote, our today’s hero drew attention to the film and in 1953 played a role in the film “Now and forever and ever.” For this Actor Frank Sinatra received the “Oscar” for Best Supporting Actor.
From that moment on, all gradually beginning to return to his track. voice problems were temporary and very soon our today’s hero began again to speak and work in the studio. New albums of the musician went out one by one. And soon the fans of the great musician’s talent had the opportunity to watch it as often and in the movies. In the period from 1954 to 1965, the actor started to appear frequently, checking out a total of twelve films. The most prominent among them were the film “High Society,” “The Manchurian Candidate” and some others.
The last years of his life, Frank Sinatra’s death
Star Trek actor and singer lasted until the end of the seventies. In 1979, Frank Sinatra recorded the song «New York, New York» and thus seemed to bid farewell to the American scene. Subsequently, he has made several appearances on the stage, but these performances have already been the exception rather than the rule.
In 1998, the great musician and a great actor died of a heart attack at his home in West Hollywood. On this day of national mourning was declared in all of America.
A year before his death, the singer was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, which is considered the highest award in the United States of America.
Life Frank Sinatra
As noted above, the first wife of a musician was his childhood friend – Nancy Barbato. In marriage, it was born the daughter of Frank Sinatra – Nancy, who is now a famous singer. In addition, some time after the light appeared as Frank Sinatra, Jr., and a younger daughter Tina.
Despite the many happy years of marriage, in the late forties, the singer began an affair with actress Ava Gardner, which led to a divorce from his first wife. In 1951, the year of Ava and Frank were married. And six years later, after a series of scandals have filed for divorce.
In 1966, our today’s hero for the third time decided to tie the knot. New wife, the musician became an actress Mia Farrow. But the marriage with her lasted only about a year.
The last years of the life of Frank Sinatra spent with his fourth wife, Barbara Marx.

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