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Animal fox (fox). Description foxes. Habits foxes.
Fox – one of the most beautiful predators. Color skins red, the tail is long and fluffy, muzzle long and narrow, and his eyes smart and cunning. Fox is the size of a small dog. Painting red cheats range from fire-red to gray. In the north, almost red fox, in the desert – gray and yellow. Silver Fox, by the way – is also common fox with some deviations from the normal color. Considered the most beautiful black-brown fur. Therefore, silver fox has long been farmed.
Fox lives in Europe, Asia and America, and Africa. This animal is well adapted to different climatic conditions. South fox smaller than the north, besides the northern fox fur thicker and fluffy. Fox is extremely nimble and spirited beast. She runs so fast that it is difficult to catch up with the dogs. In addition, it is very tricky beast: it can embark on a variety of tricks, confusing their own tracks or extracting their livelihood.

The fox eats. As fox hunting
Fox – a great hunter. In addition to observation and intelligence, she has an excellent memory, good sense of smell and acute hearing wonderful. Squeak voles, such as the fox hears of 100 m. As a predator, the fox eats a wide variety of animals. She happily eat mice, hares, rabbits, amphibians, reptiles, after the rain digs out of the land of earthworms, in river fishing and crayfish. But especially loved red rogue bird eat. Therefore, it often looks into the chicken coops. By the way, human proximity fox is not scary, so unusual to find a fox hole very close to the village. Meat diet fox successfully completes berries, apples and vegetables.
Each fox has its own individual feeding station. It jealously protects it from foreign invasion and always knows what’s going on in the vicinity of its hole. Fox hunts usually in the evening and at night, although there are exceptions. Some animals prefer to get a place in the afternoon Leszek birds, hunting birds and feed exclusively on the big game, ignoring the mice or frogs.
Despite the fact that Fox did not miss a chance to eat unwary hare catch Teterka or destroy bird’s nest in the woods, it brings a lot more good than harm. The main food of foxes are voles, mice, squirrels, and other rodents, harmful to agriculture. And growing up in a large number of foxes destroying beetles – known pests in forest areas.

The courtship period in Fox
The marriage between the fox begins in January – February. At this time, the female tends to find males who declare their willingness to marry a short, staccato barks. During the rut, you can see an amazing group: female beauty runs ahead, and behind it – several males. In the end, patience is exhausted males, the time comes to choose who is worthy to take a place next to the female. You can watch the fierce fights between males, during which Fox patiently waiting on the side of the winner. The right to mate with a female only receives the strongest fox. After heat fox diverge laterally.

Pregnancy foxes lasts 51 – 52 days. By the end of this period, males wakes paternal instinct. They are searching for pregnant females and males again fight with rivals, now for the right to stay around the female. From now on, the winner takes all the hardships of family life: it helps to dig a hole, feed the fox in the days when she still can not leave infants, divides the female responsibilities for the upbringing of young cubs. Cubs usually appear in late April or early May.
At first, they have a brown color, and are very similar to the puppies, but all of them have distinctive feature – the white tip of the tail. The younger generation is growing up quickly, the 20th day of life, they are already beginning to climb out of the hole and do not feed the mother’s milk, and live food. Father of the family to feed hungry young is not easy, so food production begins to help and female. Parents not only bring in the hole living mice, birds and small animals, but also begin to teach kids the basics of hunting. First, foxes prey on beetles and grasshoppers, but gradually become accustomed to, and extraction of a big game: voles, lizards, frogs.
Cubs grow fast, and in August their distance is difficult to distinguish from an adult animal. In November, the young foxes begin an independent life and disperse in all directions.

Where does the fox: the habits of foxes. fox hole
Fox did not always live in burrows. These homes are used only for growing offspring, and all the rest of the time is carried out in the open. Feeling at home is almost no foxes. They settle where they like, and even then not for long. Fox readily burrows near human dwellings, sometimes foxes wander, even in big cities. Fox often does not want to dig yourself a hole and uses other people’s homes, for example, the fox is very convenient respects burrows dug by badger.
Mother of fox burrows acquires not only to grow them from seed or shelter prolonged bad weather. Often burrows serve them shelter in case of danger.
The old fox, as usual, does not have a hole, which placed her brood, but several, which provide her a safe haven in exceptional cases.
Fox excretory holes are mainly located on the slopes of the ravine, near the creek in the forest, t. E. In places where people do not usually wander. It happens that the fox from one year to return to it once dug a hole. Then these “apartments” constantly expand, renovate, acquire an additional number of “rooms”, which are usually located in the 2 – 3 floors. Hunters are very familiar with these burrows and call them “ancient.”
Usually, the lead-out fox hole provided with several exits – otnorkami that allow it in case of danger quietly leave his refuge. Chief otnorok who regularly uses the fox to enter and exit, visible from afar. Usually, it is a pure playground, sprinkled with sand, which appeared here as a result of many years of cleaning holes. It often can be seen playing cubs.

Molting period fox
By the end of winter fox fur coat, to this brilliant and fluffy, begins to fade and becomes rough. At Fox starts moulting – hair fall out, and the animal loses its visual appeal. Molting takes place quite rapidly, and by May acquire new fox fur – year. If the fox is sick or bad moult stretched and then even in June, you can see a fox with disheveled winter fur. Summer hair is not valued: it is rude and rare, since almost no undercoat, – the beginning of autumn wool begins to thicken. It was only with the onset of cold fox fur begins to be considered complete.

The hunt for the fox. How to hunt a fox
To fox hunting was successful, the hunter must know all the habits of cunning beast. You also need to learn how to unravel the trail of a fox, and distinguish it from the dog. An experienced ranger fox trace can tell you about many things: about the age and sex of the last fox, about where the animal was and what he did, he is hungry or full. Ranger reads the footsteps, like an open book, and learn how this is possible only through extensive training.

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