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Charming and funny fox terriers were bred for serious training – they are tireless hunters. Unique scent and amazing boldness makes this breed a dangerous opponent of animals such as foxes, raccoons, badgers. Today, fox terriers live most often in the city. However, hunting instincts still remain in them. Although they are used they are usually on cats, squirrels and other small animals.
Description breed appeared in 1876, so this year can rightly be considered the year of birth of the modern fox terriers. Today, you can find two varieties of this species, which differ in structure and type of wool. It haired and Wire Fox Terrier. Initially, the first kind of valued more. Linked to this situation is the fact that such a dog to hunt much less soiled wool. Haired dog owners appreciate them for what they virtually do not shed. Today, quite popular both types of fox terriers.
Representatives of this breed are compact enough. Their height at the withers reaches 35-40sm. Dense bone and muscled dogs provide considerable physical strength. Standards provided for two types of color: tri-color and two-color. In the first case on a white background in the dog are marked red and black spots in the second – only red.
Fox Terrier – this is an extremely active dog. It is in any case not suitable for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Representatives of this breed are simply not able to sit still, but on the street they are constantly in motion. Of course, preferable to start a dog in your own home. However, for the apartment, it is fine with the condition of regular walks.
Fox Terrier very attached to his master. It requires a lot of attention, but also in response to the dog owner receives boundless devotion and love. A dog of this breed belongs to the dominant type, and therefore requires a steady hand. At the same physical punishment they should be completely excluded, since the response can cause aggression and destructive behavior.
With children fox terriers quickly find a common language and get along well. They also perfectly coexist with other pets, including cats. However, it is better if the puppy grows in the home at an early age, as in the adult can manifest hunting instincts, causing him to be constantly “chase” cats.
To outsiders, this friendly little dog showed no aggression, no suspicion. He is willing to contact, to get a portion of admiration. But if the threat from alien fox terriers can stand firm and protect its owner, as well as other family members.
care Features
Once a month is required to do the dog’s ears. However, if the body is healthy, it can not touch for several months. To prevent infection and other disease phenomena should pluck hairs located in the ear canal. The dirt must be removed from the ear with a cotton swab dipped in a special lotion. After the procedure, you must sprinkle the place with powder.
Engaged in the prevention of gum disease is easier than in the future to treat the disease. Most often, the disease appears in the background of tartar. To prevent its occurrence should periodically give Fox Terrier solid food:. Crackers, carrots, etc. If this is not possible for any reason, the teeth need to be cleaned manually. For this procedure, a special toothpaste for dogs. If tartar yet appeared, then you will need to get rid of it mechanically. This is best done veterinarian.
smooth fox terrier
Owners need to regularly inspect the fox terrier paw pads and nails of their pets. Wool, growing here, carefully removed. Nails should we cut as they grow, usually enough 3-4 times a month. It is necessary to note that in the winter blend, which strew roads, can irritate pets paws. So after walking recommended to wash their feet and lubricate any fat. In the parched skin pads may cause cracks. If this happens, you will need to rub the painful place propolis tincture.
Fox Terrier Walks are the daily maximum amount of physical activity. This can be running next to the owner of a bicycle, ball games and so on. D. Do not forget about the professional dog training. The representatives of the breed have a high intelligence. For the study the team enough for them from 1 to 5 reps.
Bathe your dog often is not recommended. For washing is best to use the tub. Desirably, in the water it was just paws. For swimming is better to use the shower. The water temperature should not differ greatly from the dog’s body temperature. Shampoo selected individually. Means containing insecticides is necessary only if the fox terrier seen parasites. Trimming requires 2 times a year.
Health & Nutrition
Among the most common diseases in fox terriers can be noted:
hip dysplasia,
In addition, the dog is very sensitive to various drugs. It is recommended to refer to the same vet who will watch fox terrier from childhood. In the event of an emergency it will allow the health worker to have an idea about drugs that can cause an allergic reaction in the dog.
But usually fox terriers differ excellent health. Their life expectancy over 10 years. To eliminate hereditary diseases should pay attention to the medical records of the puppy parents.
Power fox terriers are not very different from other breeds. The original owner is to decide, they prefer dry or natural food. In the latter case, the only drawback is the time spent on food preparation. Dry food is not always sufficient terrier provides the necessary nutrients. Pick up pet food manufacturer should be carefully enough. It is necessary to check out a few brands before settling on one of them. If the coat fox terrier has become faded, it does not have the appetite or other adverse symptoms appear, it may signal that food is not suitable or that there were problems with the dog’s health.
When choosing a puppy fox terrier, previously should consider all offers. To purchase a dog kennel is recommended to choose, has a solid reputation. By the time the puppies are beginning to sell (1-2 months), they already docked tail. Watching the puppies, the future owner is recommended to pay attention to the most active and dominant among the offspring.
Despite the fact that the fox terrier – a hunting dog, it is now, for the most part, just a family pet or a sympathetic companion. However, even acquiring a representative of this breed for such a purpose, we should not forget that he will still need a maximum activity. Therefore, the dog care is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

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