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Ford Mustang GT

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Ford Motor Company is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the legendary Mustang. On the anniversary the company has prepared a great gift for fans of the iconic sports car – the new generation Ford Mustang.
Looking for a new product, I want to exclaim: “Yes, it’s a real Mustang!». Miracle, which have been waiting for all fans of “Detroit horses”, it happened: Mustang 2005 model year back to its roots, which seemed to have been lost forever. Model regained features legendary ancestor, literally “blow up” the appearance of your car to America forty years ago: the first two years of production were produced over a million “Mustangs” (!).
Designers of the North American branch of Ford reacted to recreate the spirit of the former model very carefully, took into account even the little things like the font, which figures on the dashboard were performed.
The result is obvious: the car looks like it was created by the same people as the very first Mustang – subject, of course, the jump in technology. At the same time managed to preserve the important advantage of the model – accessibility. “Inside our car looks to thirty thousand dollars, although it is worth twenty!” – Brags Larry Erickson, the Mustang chief designer on this occasion.
200 or 300 “stallions” – Behind the Scenes Mustang of the third millennium one of the two motors can be installed. The most powerful Mustang, with a V-shaped “eight” volume of 4.6 liters, is called the GT – this version can be recognized by the characteristic emblem on the trunk lid and the sidewalls, rear wing, and two sockets exhaust system, spaced apart in different corners of the bumper (dvuhsotsilny Mustang with four-liter V6 has only one socket). The “standard” with both motors are 5-speed “mechanics”; Those who prefer not to bother shifting and willing to part with a few extra hundreds of “green”, it is proposed 5-step “automatic”.
Designers, engaged suspension “Mustang”, did not complicate the car expensive and complex to “mnogoryichazhka” repairs, making a bet on the reliable and time-tested solutions. In front of the model used suspension McPherson, whose virtues are well known – simplicity, endurance, compactness and small unsprung masses. Behind the installed hard bridge. This design not often seen on sports cars, but for this model, it has become as much a part of the characteristic, as well as rushing at full speed stallion on the radiator grille.
Lapping the latest generation Ford Mustang ride quality were engaged not only in the factory test site, but also on a variety of race tracks of the United States. Developers promise that the results they achieved, will impress even the most experienced drivers.
Manual Ford believes in the success of new products. According to estimates, with the release of the model Mustang sales market will grow by at least 20%.

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