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Ford Focus Titanium

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With the third generation Ford Focus, we know well, the new hatchback is already tested twice. And now look at “Focus” with otdelnaym trunk.
The debut of the new Ford Focus sedan took place at the beginning of this year, when hatchbacks with universals already briskly plowed roads of Europe and Ukraine. Lovers of machines with three-volume bodies, which in our country enough, looked at them, waiting for “their” version. After all sedans have always formed the bulk of the “focus” sold in Ukraine. And so he appeared in the price of the official dealer. Upon learning that the most expensive Ford Focus sedan is 175,000 USD. (Which is more than 36,000 dollars), we just had to find out what is the focus?
Equipment version is about the same as that of the Ghia, Titanium but placed emphasis on man-caused. Inserts on the dashboard – and those grooved.
The driver’s and passenger’s own climate zone, but the temperature difference will not be more than 4 degrees. Heated everything windshield and rear window, front seat.
Focus sedan has always seemed easier than the hatchback. It seems he wanted to emphasize that it is subject to all practicality. Certainly evil. it is not without style. Front distinguish vehicles impossible. Their height, width and completely identical design. But more …
Bright and expressive front end sedan goes into the back of the faceless. As it does not distinguish the new model from the previous one, and take away the logo and all the car can be put on a par with Korean and Chinese sedans. It seems that the “kinetic energy” developer ends exactly in the middle of the machine.
Sedan longer than the hatchback to 144 mm only at the expense of the rear overhang and heavier by 35 kg. In addition, he has a different aerodynamics so accelerates 0.1 seconds worse than the hatchback, but goes to 4 km / h faster.
Rich grade Titanium formed specifically for the Ford Focus, sold in Ukraine!
And here is the first explanation is the high price of our “Focus” – the most expensive car in complete set Titanium. Previously, it was offered only for older models. This means that the equipment – at the level of the Ghia version, and in the design of the slope made in the direction of sportiness and man-made.
Excellent look of the front part of the Focus Titanium interior is clearly dissonant with gray cloth upholstery and the same color hard plastic in the rear. However, Ford Focus has always sympathized with drivers who love to drive an active and often aggressive. Otherwise, why would he such “tenacious” seats with improved lateral support? Although the chair would not prevent a wider range of movement in height. Nevertheless I sit down quite comfortably. After the wheel is adjustable in angle of inclination of the column, and depth. But that’s not all. With electric drive can shift pedals! And now remember offhand at least five cars, even the premium segment, where there is such an option …
The seats are quite comfortable and “tenacious”, although some may not be enough downward movement range. Moving away back, we can “pull a” and the pedal.
On the second row for people of average height there is enough space. Handles at the door, though made a comfortable and natural grip, but still too far back.
assertive character
All these qualities are appreciated by people who prefer the comfort of the dynamics. But this same focus – a combined machine these qualities. Auto accurately and quickly responds to steering-wheel turn and set course to be firmly in the bends. And with some confidence and resilience to resist pressing the pedal, as if born motor Wave aggressively seeks to break out of the four cylinders. In fact, the 2.0-liter volume hidden 145 “horses”. Due to the fact that the engine is very flexible, Focus confidently goes on almost any speed. When the engine is so quiet that the Sony listening to the radio, we have to carefully “listen” to the clutch pedal when pulling and monitor running the tachometer needle to soft and precise turning fit another gear motor. And only at high speed out of the wheel arch we hear a distinct hum of a poor abrasive roads. But with the broken portions and humpback suspension copes easily. Defects practiced elastically and shot down. However, the machine starts povtryat profile of the road, but not so detailed that they cause discomfort. And slow to irregularities Focus allows you to easily and accurately.
The most powerful of the “civilian” gasoline engines contributes to the cost of the machine.
The trunk of a sedan – 537 liters, while the hatchback offers 396 liters. Fold the rear sofa sedan and can carry loads up to 1659 mm long. Hatchback in this case, the load capacity of up to 1529 mm long.
Convenient “Titan”
Elastic quiet motor, excellent handling and energy-intensive suspension knocked sedan Ford Focus gives the pleasure of driving. Rich grade Titanium adds convenience and comfort in everyday use. For all this you have to pay, and the price for which you can watch and a small “SUV.”

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