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Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

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Birthday: 2/24/1977, the
Birth Place: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Citizenship: United States

Biography (On HBO materials)
Titles: WBC Champion Junior Lightweight Champion. WBC lightweight champion
Despite his young age Floyd Mayweather Jr., it is obvious that he is the best boxer of the distinguished American Mayweather boxing dynasty. This family consists of his uncle, Roger, twice world champion in the lightweight and welterweight scales, another uncle – Jeff, who was close to winning the title, and his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., boxing with Sugar Ray Leonard in the eighties. Many in his career Mayvezer Floyd Jr. owes them.

October 3, 1998 in his only pro fight Floyd eighteenth overthrew a longtime champion of the first lightweight champion by the WBC Genaro “Chikanito” Hernandez, and not only won the title, but also became an instant star. After this fight, the defeated champion, is considered one of the best boxers in all weight categories, expressed praise for the young boxer, saying: “I never thought that I would be so defeated. He’s too fast and is good for me. He proved that he is the best. ” Mayweather Promoter Bob Arum not only agreed with Hernandez, but his fighter and compared with other great champions, “Floyd – successor to Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. He – an outstanding boxer. ”
Born Floyd Mayweather ml. February 24, 1977 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. From birth, his fate has been determined – it will become a boxer. “Already in the cradle, I tried to box. Then, as I grew up I started to practice blows on various objects, such as doorknobs. The first time I put on the gloves at the age of seven or eight years, “- the boxer dubbed” Pretty Boy said. ”
During his amateur career Mayweather won 84 wins, 6 defeats, speaking at featherweight. He won the “Golden Gloves” tournament in 1993, 1994 and 1996. In 1995, he won the championship of the National Police and the US Open. It was during this period Mayweather earned the nickname “Pretty Boy.” “I got it not because of his looks, but because of the fact that during the fighting I never got dissections. My teammates gave me the nickname “- Floyd explains.
In order to get into the US Olympic team in 1996, he twice won Augie Sanchez in the qualifying battle. At the Olympic Games he stopped Bakhtiar Tilefanova of Kazakhstan in the second round, beat Artur Gevorgyan of Armenia with a score of 16-13 and Lorenzo Aragon of Cuba, 12-11. In his next fight he lost a Bulgarian Serafim Todorov with a score of 12-11 (the decision was controversial, and the US team filed a protest on this occasion). Mayweather later he commented as follows: “Being deprived of a deserved victory is also a part of boxing as an amateur and professional. I – one of the many Americans who are deprived of the Olympic gold medal, as it did with Roy Jones, Michael Karbahalom, Evander Holyfield and Fernando Vargas. It gave me extra motivation to debut in the professional ring. ”
Despite the setback, after the Olympic Games Mayweather was considered one of the most promising candidates for the transition to the pros. And he did not disappoint these expectations, becoming the first Olympic team in 1996 world champion among professionals.
Mayweather debut in professional boxing was held October 11, 1996 in Las Vegas, in a fight against Roberto Apodaca, whom he knocked out in the second round. In the next fight Floyd on points won against Reggie Sanders. Next, 1997 turned out to be very busy for Mayweather. He scored ten wins, nine of them – a knockout. Most impressive were the wins over Tony Duran, Luis Leija and Angelo Nunez.
Mayweather winning streak continued in 1998. In his first fight in 1998 he knocked out Hector Arroyo in the fifth round. Then defeated Sam Gerard, Miguel Melo, Gustavo Kelly and Tony Pep. After defeating Mayweather Pep felt that the time has come to fight with the champion in the first lightweight champion by the WBC Genaro Hernandez. The fight was appointed to October 3, 1998. Since professional debut Mayweather then took less than two years.
Floyd crushed Hernandez in eight rounds, spending perhaps his most impressive fight as a pro. Statistics confirmed beats Mayweather supremacy: of the 412 it strikes a target has reached 221, 314 against and 103 in Hernandez. By the time he was stopping the fight in the judges’ notes with a score of 79-73 (twice) and 80-72.
In the next fight, on December 19, 1998, Mayweather won by knockout in the second round is very hard fighters Angela Manfredi. A few weeks later, Mayweather was called magazines “Ring” and “Knockout” best boxer in 1998.
February 17 in front of twelve thousand fans Mayweather finished with challenger Carlos Rios of Argentina. “I was stunned when he returned home after a fight through the multitudes: I felt like a rock star” – Mayweather said. This victory was followed by another equally brilliant – over Justin Juke (01.02.33) from Uganda. Mayweather issued a series of blows Juke head right and knocked him out in the second minute of the ninth round. The next fight on September 11, 1999, he won the seventh round of the “Topo” Jerome. Mayweather then signed a contract with the manager, James Prince, and it gave a new impetus to his career. March 18, 2000, the first fight Mayweather organized by Prince in which Floyd won official challenger by the WBC Goyo Vargas.
When Mayweather was asked why he was being just a young contender, went to battle with strong boxers like Hernandez and Manfredi, he said: “I wanted to give the audience what they want as soon as possible. I want to save boxing from the fate of wrestling, where viewers know in advance who will win. Featuring all that you can, you do unpredictable outcome of the battle. This creates intrigue. I also wanted as quickly as possible to break into the elite, and I think I succeeded. ”
Mayweather says his biggest achievement winning the world title at 21 years and that he was the first Olympic team in 1996 has achieved this. However, Mayweather has become decisive for the victory over Diego “Chico” Corrales, very dangerous fighter, who was then a world champion. Mayweather won by knockout in round 10, January 20, 2001. Mayweather then spent another defense of his title, winning by TKO Jesus Chavez, and moved to the next weight class.
Again coming to the ring in April 2002, Mayweather the first time in 5 years acted as a contender for the title. The fight with WBC lightweight champion Jose Luis Castillo turned out to be very persistent, and although the judges gave Mayweather win, many did not agree with them. However, a rematch with Castillo, held in December of the same year, Mayweather has won with a much larger margin. In 2003, Mayweather went on a series of landslide victory over their rivals. This time proved to be defeated Victoriano Souza, who lost a unanimous decision. After another defense of his lightweight title against Phillip N’Dou, Mayweather announced the transition to the first Welterweight. His first opponent in this weight category will be former WBO champion DeMarcus Corley fight which is scheduled for May 22.
Mayweather calls his fighting style universal: “I can go to the exchanges, to box at a different distance, act first, or the second number. I can find a style to defeat any enemy. ”
Mayweather likes to listen to rap, bowling, going to the cinema and dance. Most of all he liked films about the Italian Mafia, such as “Casino”, “Scarface” and “King of New York.”

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