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Henrik Fisker would be none, if would not be ambitious. How else can we describe the person who created from scratch the first new large-scale car manufacturer, from all that we remember?
The brand that bears his name is not intended to be a player in a small volume as a Koenigsegg or Tesla. Even before the debut of the company’s products, their Karma extended range of the EV, was ready to come into the hands of the buyer’s number one – Leonardo DiCaprio, Fisker Empire was already like a major automaker. More than 400 engineers called the office in Anaheim, California, their workplace and nearly 50 dealers across the US raised the Fisker badge over their salons. Car smaller and much cheaper for the simple layman is planned and will most likely be built in Delaware, the Fisker promises that it will exude the driver’s style and design from all over as it does Karma.
Karma chameleon
In the first place, designed and developed in California, the Karma is built under a contract known coachbuilder Valmet in Finland. Despite its free country, “home-brave-roots”, it has a distinctly European flair, largely to its focus on the design of the exterior. It is no coincidence, as born in Denmark, Henrik Fisker – a designer by profession, whose resume includes the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin DB9.
Low rise housing with prominent hips wing gives Karma reptilian gaze, vaguely reminiscent of Aston Martin Rapide, but it is still very original. These proportions produce more ergonomic compromises as mediocre visibility, small trunk and kissing curb low front body kit, but it may be the most attractive focus in the market.
Subject Karma Tester was particularly notable because of its more Diamond Dust (Diamond Dust) paint, which uses a converted glass flakes instead of metal, usually seen in metallic paint. Standard installed on the roof solar panel not only looks futuristic, but also feeds the energy from the sun to slightly increase the battery capacity. Karma rides on 22-inch alloy wheels wrapped in Goodyear F1 Supercar tires.
Inside, a large Karma is technically classified as a subcompact car, but four adults have an acceptable place to stretch out. Karma comes standard with plenty of “Bridge of Weir” (Bridge of Weir) of the skin to get Bentley to tremble, but this tester had optional understaffed available trim animal-free (without animals) EcoChic, which covers nearly every surface in the tenacious like -zamshe material to make even the most inveterate vegetarian happy.
The dashboard is vaguely reminiscent of elegantly simple form found in the Jaguar XF, but instead of the gear lever, there are four buttons on the center console, parking, back, neutral and move forward (park, reverse, neutral and drive). It is not the only switches that you can find, as all the others, unfortunately, are collected in a large touch screen. Menu stylish, but bulky and cumbersome when sorting, and our colleagues who carried out the test could not convince the navigation system to direct them to the specified destination (although find for example the list was unusually easy nearest doctors).
Metal works under the hood
The long bonnet is opened Karma ago, where he shows the familiar 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. It is supplied by General Motors unit, which is closely related to the engine used in the Buick Regal Turbo and a few other models, produces 260 horsepower playing the role as a power source for the 175 kW electric generator.
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery was arranged longitudinally between the passengers, as in Chevrolet Volt, which makes the Karma is strictly four-seater.
Unlike the Volt, the gasoline engine Karma can not directly peredovat power to the wheels. This work is carried out by a pair of electric traction motors with 201.5 hp that send driving force on the road through the so-called module “The rear limited slip differential”. There is no traditional transmission for one-proportional differential, which means that power is linear regardless of vehicle speed. This is great news, considering that the association of electric motors produces 1300 Nm of torque.
Note that Fisker Karma can be controlled either polnoom mode, EV (electron volts) with reduced power – called Stealth mode – or more like a normal hybrid sport mode where gasoline engine supplies power if necessary to keep the generator in motion . It looks like the shifter between gears. Discrepancies again form the Volt, which will automatically drain your battery, the Karma also allows drivers to choose when they can make best use of zero-emissions driving. Stealth mode provides more than enough power, but the full performance potential is realized when sport mode is enabled, because the generator provides enough electricity to fully feed motors.
In EV mode, the Karma uses 4.7 liters while driving on battery power. Sports mode, the average fuel consumption of 11.7 liters per 100 km. While driving habits, fuel consumption can vary considerably, depending on how owners use their car.
In theory, the power of Karma should be enough to break it into pieces with a sharp acceleration, but the reality is that the 2,400 pound sedan was reduced to provide a more “civilized” level of performance. Acceleration in Stealth mode, almost pressing on the neck. In Sport mode, the petrol engine wakes up to provide a roar that feels more like the V8 stronger, than a supercar.
Karma goes on a unique chassis that feels reassuringly sturdy and reliable. Its steering is well weighted and very eager to return to the center, which also offers many invigorating sensation. Ride quality is phenomenal, contrary to his usual giant wheels and shock absorbers.
The base price of 2012 Fisker Karma for Europe: $ 150,000

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