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Wyoming, 1989. The Shoshone Park to work fire observer comes a man named Henry. Henry runs away from problems: his wife Julie have put a disappointing diagnosis – dementia. For several years, Henry takes care of his wife, looking at how the mind leaves his beloved.
Gradually concern for drooping wife turns into a routine aggravates Henry chair backs bedroom door and gets drunk to unconsciousness, when Julia is asleep – for it is a rare moment of peace. Soon Julia is taken to Australia outraged relatives who think that it has no proper care to her.
Henry is looking for ways to live on – the search result in a Wyoming wilderness, where his only companion becomes boss Delilah, with whom he communicates by radio. With this to me and started a simple story about an important, and human life – Firewatch.
Disclaimer. If you have not bought Firewatch, do it. It costs 400 rubles, and passed for 4-5 hours. Play around and go back to my review – I’m sure you will want to talk and discuss the final, but this text is in some sense legitimizes the discussion of users’ Kanobu “(because of the wording and because in a prominent place). Why is it important? The Firewatch analysis and attempts to put in a head seen events become part of the experience, without which the thrill of the game will be incomplete. Therefore, I declare open book club – looking forward to your comments. I hope to be informative. Thank you. Now spoilers.
Firewatch, I understood as a game of “it happens”, about an orderly chaos that’s going on in people’s lives. The game resonates with the “Jeff, Who Lives at Home” great tragicomedy with Jason Segel (Marshall of “How I Met Your Mother”) and Ed Helms (Stu from “The Hangover”). The “Jeff” hero Siegel after seeing “signs” M. Night Shyamalan in the most random things sees the universe attempts to influence his fate. In the final, Jeff comes to believe that he is all the time was right to match – not just a coincidence, but the signs of the global universal design.
Firewatch tells a similar story, but from a different angle, and the esoteric, and the fate of a global plan, in which all the events of life are subordinated to the logic of the universe, it strongly rejects. Completion and logic can not be, because they also do not have in real life. This philosophy Firewatch and builds its own history, but to the authors understand (and accept) only in the final.
At the end of the game, my Henry refused to return to Julia. Judging by the bed in which I heard a very scattered conversation with his ex-wife, from his wife nothing left – they have nothing to say to each other, except for “Hello, yet.” Yes, it’s just a dream, but I’m sure that the last years of their communication with Henry exactly what took place, and the brain simply reproduced the scene in a dream by putting it to work in Shoshone Park. I did not see the development of these relations and therefore refused to travel to Australia. I did not accept the idea of putting the life of Henry on the altar of generosity, because “in sorrow and in joy.” It’s selfish, heartless, but Henry is not obliged to suffer, watching as his wife fading away, losing itself. He can still live, not to wait, ashamed of his subconscious desires of Julia’s death, which frees it from its obligations. In my eyes the chance to move forward has been Delilah, but the final and no trace left of my expectations.
Relations with DeLisle burned as well as the summer, as well as Wyoming forest. It’s so stupid, and suddenly, you begin to sense vyschupyvat in the final, where it is not, look for perfection, expect that after the credits you dorasskazhut this story. Not dorasskazhut.
Have a cut leaves mixed feelings, you do not understand that, why, why all led. As if after breaking up with a girl he met many years; memories and knowledge of other people’s habits is now dangle dangling plot thread. Firewatch is precisely such feelings.
And this is the first in my memory game that makes sense of injustice snookered into an artistic device that displays on your emotions.
Moreover, the authors pulled over the strings from the beginning. As the product of popular culture from the Firewatch expect Aspect – clear final, epic stories. I took the game with a girl, and all the time we speculated, then assuming that Henry and Delilah recruit, then betting on the fact that on them to experiment. So, we are bullied and bar, based on the experience gained from modern entertainment that accustomed to stories in the logic of bigger, better, faster, more.
You subconsciously waiting for the scale, and you get a simple story, whose scope is screwed together with the main characters, who just gave the event an exclusive, global importance. Take, for Henry, who assumes that everyone around him going through his mind, and he actually lost his mind. But here, working Occam’s razor – the simplest explanation is the most faithful.
In the context of the Firewatch this explanation fits into two words – it happens. It happens that the excessive obstinacy father kills his son. It happens that the missing girl fall to the police, and not in the clutches of a maniac. Sometimes you come across a dark night on tourists in Wyoming forest (and not on the same maniac). It happens that the young woman at 43, soluble in progressive dementia. It happens that the alleged conspiracy is an empty shell.
That’s life. It’s all there. And there is in it no logic, no plan, no finality, which we expect from it. Why Delilah did not continue a relationship with Henry? Why eight-year children die from cancer? What is the meaning of such an early death? Is there then completeness, plan, plan?
And I’m really glad that the game began to affect these uncomfortable topics. And even more, I am glad that in the case of Firewatch, I analyze the content, and do not appreciate the shape or scold gameplay. This makes us believe that the 2016 Games will be the Identity copyright clearer and more visible, and their problems will reach a new level – The Witness, That Dragon, Cancer and Firewatch forced to believe it. Who knows, maybe after them will have changed, and people who write about it, and that in this play.

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