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Finding Dory

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About the film
The plot continues the story of the cartoon brave blue fish named Dory and her friends. But if the first part was a key character in the kid Nemo, now viewers will learn more about life itself Dori. After Marlin found his kidnapped son, it has been more than a year. Ever since Dori lives together with other fish-clowns have replaced her relatives. Here, blue fish is really happy, because she has a wonderful, loyal friends. But soon her quiet life begin to destroy disturbing vague fragments of the past, recalling Dori about her childhood, the family and mother. Despite his short-term memory, blue fish desperately trying to remember the past, crimson idea to find his real family. Every day a craving for native only intensified, and soon the fish decides to leave the safe deep water, and go on their own to seek the answer to his memoirs.
Friends Dory, Marlin and Nemo, knowing what the dangers of the open ocean, all the forces trying to dissuade her friend on this trip. But soon the guys understand that it is impossible to stop the fish and decide to join her quest. Gathered together, they form a plan of action, determined to embark on a journey to the most remote corners of the ocean. But bad luck, because Dori and failed to remember where she had lived before, and who her real family. As a result, the fish begins to question the plan, deciding not to involve Nemo and Marlin in such a dangerous adventure. But is it true friend can help to talk in a difficult situation? And now the brave fish are waiting for an exciting new adventure, for whom it will be very interesting to watch. In fact, besides the familiar characters in the movie will be many other equally interesting characters.

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