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In the footsteps of his famous grandfather
Feliz Ahmet is another shining star of the Turkish television, who became world famous after the release of the series “Magnificent century”. This historic project brought the actress a huge popularity and fame. But because at present our today’s heroine is known far beyond the borders of southern Europe.
Early years, Childhood and family
Feliz Ahmet was born on 15 April 1981 in the Yugoslav city of Skopje. In this place childhood and adolescence of a future famous actress, and because Macedonia she always considered her home country. However, the personal life and creative career of our today’s heroines have always been at the crossroads of several cultures. Despite the fact that to be born a girl happened in Skopje, all the relatives Feliz representatives are of Turkish nationality. But that’s not the only interesting fact from the life of a talented actress.
During the Yugoslav wars, and bloody battles between Serbs and Croats family of Feliz Ahmet received refugee status and moved to permanent residence in Sweden. Because of this, our current heroine always brought up at the crossroads of many peoples and cultures. And the vivid example is the multilingualism of a celebrity. Currently, the girl in perfection knows several languages – Macedonian, Turkish, Swedish, English, and also well understand Serbian and Bulgarian languages. While living in Scandinavia Feliz Ahmet went to medical school, where he qualified as a specialist in the field of medical education. However, at one point, the girl suddenly realized that she wanted more. Fateful in the career of the actress became a theatrical production of “Idiot” that Feliz Ahmet watched in Sweden as a simple spectators. This show has literally changed her life. It was after viewing it in the soul of the Macedonian emigrant began to dream of a career stage actress. After normalization of the situation in the former Yugoslav republics, today’s heroine, returned to Macedonia, where he soon entered the Academy of fine Arts. During this time, Feliz Ahmet managed to become one of the most popular students in his group. Her everything was easy, but because during student performances the girl always got only the Central role.
Despite the fact that the Academy of fine arts in Skopje is quite a prestigious educational institution, the diploma of this University our today’s heroine was not enough. Following in the footsteps of his famous grandfather, Lufty of Saifullah (which at the time was a well-known figure of theatrical art in Turkey), Ahmet Feliz moved into the Anatolian Peninsula, where he was engaged in the Turkish Conservatory theater. This move eventually proved crucial in the life of a young beauty.
Career, filmography
His debut role in the movie our current heroine played in Macedonia. So, in particular, the first acting job of Feliz was a small role in the Macedonian mini-series “the Institution”. Followed other works. However, due to the relatively small size of the roles the great popularity of the actress of these movies brought.
For this reason, the real star of the girl was only after moving to Turkey. In the study period in Turkish theatre Conservatory, our current heroine played a Central role in the film “Küçürekkız”, which, in fact, brought her first fame. In addition, after the execution of this role, she was also awarded the title of best young actress in one of the Turkish film festivals. Since then, her career began to rapidly gain momentum. The girl would often act in Turkish films. In 2005, the year once again has received the award one of the most promising young Actresses of Turkey. But the real fame came to Feliz Ahmet only two years later. In 2007, our today’s heroine was one of the minor roles in the TV series “farewell to Rumelia”, which was successfully broadcast channel Star TV and became a hit in Turkey and Germany. This role is adopted Feliz as a current celebrity. After this career of the Macedonian-Turkish actress passed without the sharp UPS and downs. She was appearing very often, and therefore the films with the participation of Feliz released on average every six months. Among the most famous paintings of the actress is worth mentioning projects such as the “Gazelle”, “Guys another district”, the “Goal of my life”, “Kulis Ardı” and the Macedonian project “Balkan wedding”. Each of these films has brought the actress a great success. Feliz Ahmet became a real star in Turkey and Macedonia.
In the series “Magnificent century”
This international popularity, the actress received only after the release of the series “Magnificent century” in which she played the role of Nigar Kalfa.
A role in a popular historical project has brought the actress a huge popularity in dozens of different States. No exception also and the countries of Eastern Europe. For a long time Feliz Ahmed remained one of the Central characters of the series, but later left the project.
Filiz Ahmet today
After leaving the series “Magnificent century” our current heroine played in the film “the Book of happy families”, and successfully played a Central role in one of the Istanbul theatre productions. At the time of this writing, the actress worked on the image of the heroine’s eccentric Comedy “Kadin Isi Banka Soygunu” tells the story of several friends who decided to Rob a Bank.
Personal Life Of Filiz Ahmet
About my personal life the Macedonian-Turkish actress virtually nothing is known. Similarly, we can say only that at the present time Feliz not married. Most of my free time a woman devotes to communication with friends and travel.

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