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Fighting tarpon

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Tarpon – one of the oldest species of fish in the ocean. Sport Fishing Atlantic tarpon brings billions of dollars into the coffers of the State of Florida. Eighth Ocean Day is celebrated in June, where pride of place is given to this ocean Goliath.
Here, at one of the chain of the Florida Keys, Professor Oceanology Jerry Ault and his team are sent to catch tarpon in five in the morning. Tarpon – fisherman’s dream: a huge, fast and strong fish, able to jump out of the water to a height of three and a half meters.
Sports passion fueled by the fact that it is very difficult to catch tarpon.
Professor Ault and his team are studying the conditions of existence elopiformes bony fishes.
Length caught instance 1.6 meters, weighs about 60 kilograms. In tarpon take a DNA sample and implanted electronic chip.
Within a few months, the chip will record information on habitat tarpon, the depth at which he lives, the percentage of salt and water temperature.
Until recently, on the Tarpon was known not so much. But in recent years, as their population began to decline, the need for information about Tarpon increased significantly.
Since the disappearance of populations of tarpon due to the loss of billions of dollars, Professor Oltu managed to find a few organizations willing to invest in the research work.
According to the Olt, it is currently the income from commercial fishing in Florida is about a billion dollars a year, and recreational fishing generates about ten billion to the state coffers. Sport fishing more profitable than citrus industry.
Aeneas Bracket – a tourist from Georgia. He comes here to catch tarpon 42th year in a row, “I fished in different parts of the world and have to say that fishing tarpon – not with the incomparable pleasure.”
Professor Ault also knows the places that often prefers to tarpon: in the depth of the shadow of the bridges. According to him, one of the strongest and most ancient inhabitants of the ocean today is threatened by many factors, including a decrease in the size of the shrimp population – a favorite food tarpon.
Thanks to the electronic chips Jerry Oltu able to get valuable information that will help to keep the population of tarpon.
He found that tarpon can travel enormous distances in search of the perfect water temperature. From the coast of Florida, he is able to walk about 2000 kilometers to the north coast of the United States or south to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
However, as noted by Professor Ault, during such migrations along the US coast tarpon becomes the prey of the fishermen.
Margaret Miller has been studying corals at the National Marine Fisheries Service. Increasing ocean temperatures, she says, threatens the existence of many species, including Atlantic tarpon. Warming water displaces the beginning tarpon migration. And it creates a problem for a large number of marine species.

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