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Fernando Alonso: Biography
Fernando Alonso was born in Spain on July 29, 1981. The boy’s family did not own millions, but fully gifted with attention and affection. Jose Luis (dad) worked as an explosive technician, and Anna Diaz (mom) – the seller in the store. Fernando has an older sister, for whom the father built cards on his own for eight years.

The girl was not interested in such a gift, but the little brother did not depart from the red-and-white typewriter. The father realized that his son was presenting the makings of a rider. He was convinced of this after the kid confidently sat behind the wheel and swept the map, although he was only 3 years old. Senior Alonso believes this moment in Fernando’s biography is the starting point in the world of sports.

Jose Luis was keen on karting and even periodically participated in amateur races. I tried to instill this passion in my own child. And it’s definitely succeeded. The boy grew calm and obedient, and the will of the emotions and emotions was given at the wheel map. Mom was happy with the excellent estimates of his son, and his father incredible ability to pilot. Parents were worried only that Fernando tried to squeeze out of the car speed limit, pressing on the gas until it stops.

The Asturian received his primary education in Santo Ángel de la Guarda, where he studied from 4 to 14 years. After school, a talented young man went to the “Leopoldo Alas Clarín de San Lázaro”. Teachers remember the shy student only with good words, but regret that he did not graduate from higher education because of his passion for sports.

At first, the young Spaniard participated in competitions held in his native city. For three years the boy so developed talent that he already confidently overtook both peers and even teenagers. The first success came to the child prodigy at the age of seven, the code he won the “Asturian Championship”, finishing first in eight races.

After such a brilliant victory begins the triumphal procession of Alonso throughout Spain, where he collects all possible awards and cups. No one could oppose the talented young man. Already in 12 years, won the karting championship of Spain, and the next five years, all the victories again belonged to Fernando.

1997 brought the young racer a victory in the Spanish series “Inter-A” and the title of champion in Italy. Having shown his talent in the international series, he was noticed by Andrian Campas, a former racer, but the current manager of the Nissan team. Andrian invited Alonso to his own team and did not lose. The young man, having moved from a map to a racing car, immediately proved everything he was capable of.

The young Spaniard won 6 times from 9 races in the European Championship of Formula Nissan, becoming vice-champion. Next year, Fernando participates in the “Formula-3000”, where rivals become seasoned riders. Speaking for the team “Astromega”, ahead of all in the last race and becomes the fourth on the basis of the overall offset of the year.

“Formula 1”
Alonso’s debut in Formula 1 took place in Australian Albert Park in 2001, when the young man was transferred from the test pilots to the combat staff of the “Minardi”. At that moment, he was only 19 years old. The talented racer got an outsider car, so it was not possible to score points and get into the leaders. Against the backdrop of the team looked pretty good and did not even concede on the effectiveness of the races Kimi Rakkonen and Juan-Pablo Montoyi.

The success of the talented pilot did not go unnoticed by the director of the Renault F1 team, Flavio Briatore, who appointed him the third pilot. Season in 2002, the driver does not like to remember, because he has to be spare for Jenson Button and Jarno Trulli. But in 2003 the youth is transferred to the main team, where he reveals the potential and proves that the roles of the second plan are not interesting. This is proved by the race in Malaysia and the deserved pole position, as well as the second place in the Spanish race and the triumph at Hungaroring in Hungary. The season was finished with the 6th place in the individual competition.

A serious test for Fernando Alonso is the 2004 season, where he had to “fight” with the team “Ferrari” and Michael Schumacher. But here the Spaniard also scored, taking fourth place, scored 59 points. In 2005, the young Spaniard became the king of “Formula 1”, pushing off the pedestal of Schumacher, who won the champion’s title five times in a row. The following year (2006) Alonso again takes the honorary place of the champion, but already at the Grand Prix of Brazil at the end of the season.

In the 2007 season, the Spanish rider is in favor of the McLaren team, whose contract with the management was signed back in 2006. This year becomes the hardest test for will power and endurance. The fact is that the management decided to replace Pedro de la Rosa (partner Fernando) with Lewis Hamilton, which was a huge mistake in the strategy. In the team there were scandals, intrigues and proceedings, incited by the newcomer and his father. The case even reached the court, which led to the disqualification of “McLaren”. Photos of meetings and litigation circled the Internet. Internal problems of the team strongly prevented Alonso in the races, so, by the end of the year, the Spaniard got only third place and 109 points.

After a grand scandal the next two seasons the racer spent in the old “Renault” team, but could not go farther than the fifth place. Although showed excellent results at the Grand Prix of Singapore and in Japan. It’s true that this year was not without a scandal, in which Flavio Briatore (the team leader) was involved, having arranged an accident at the Grand Prix. The proceedings resulted in the resignation and lifelong disqualification of the manager.

2010 was marked for the popular Spaniard by the transition to the “Ferrari”, which for this reason terminated the contract with Kimi Raikkonen ahead of schedule. Strong opponent was Sebastian Vettel, who did not miss Alonso on the podium of the champion, earning 4 points more. By the way, in these races for the races constantly watched by Vettel’s wife – Hanna Prater.

An excellent moment in the career of the Spanish pilot marked the 2011 season, when he finished fourth in Singapore. Experts estimated that this year Fernando has collected the missing points to 1000, while becoming the second driver in this indicator in the history of the “Formula”.

Next season, the athlete fiercely competed with Vettel, who again went around the finish line with a break of 3 points. The Spaniard was awarded the title of vice-champion. In 2013, the Italian stable again changed, which is not like the leading rider. Now his old rival Kimi Raikkonen returned to the team, but personal dislike did not prevent him from taking 2nd place and gaining 242 points.

2014 was expected to be quite explosive due to rivalry between the Finn and the Spaniard, but nothing happened. Fernando Alonso for the entire period holds the leading position and delays the opponent from the title of the champion, and twice he takes prizes. At the end of the season, he announces his return to McLaren. As the fans say, this was due to the difficult interpersonal relationships inside the stables.

In 2015, the rider was on the bench, as in the test races in Barcelona was involved in an accident and was hospitalized with concussion. The second part of the season, Alonso pursued constant setbacks with technology, as a result of which for two races he scored only 11 points and did not advance on the standings. 1 place went to Nico Rosberg on Mercedes AMG, 2 – Lewis Hemilton, and 3 – Daniel Ricardo on Infiniti.

In 2016, the Grand Prix Spaniard participated only in the first race, after which he got into an accident and again found himself on the bench. But he managed to beat Jenson Button 54 points.

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